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Golden tells WQAM "I like the direction we are going."

With the dust settling from the PSU saga, AG tells Joe Rose he is looking to move forward.

Joel Auerbach

For those interested you can find the full interview here.

Some of the highlights:

AG tells Rose he was working from his UM office on Thursday and Friday evaluating the program.

Golden minimized the rumors that he was considering leaving:

"Speculation had grown so much I thought I would be able to get to my press conference Monday or even this conversation. I opted to release a statement so we could move forward. Over the last couple of years I haven't responded to any of this speculation from any school.  Last year I was in a recruit's home and they had me going to another school. I am not a candidate for any other position."

On his recruiting class:

"We're excited about this group. We have been in communication that last 2 days.  We have had kids in 3 different all star games. It feels good to have that many guys at all star games. In terms of early arrivals.  We'll have kids here as early as Wednesday. The early arrivals could be 6 or even as many as 8."

On whether or not they class was complete:

"We're not done,  we don't have a ton of spots left........ There are a couple of extra spots."

On potential changes to the coaching staff:

"I've looked at everything.   I don't want to give you a half assed answer.  Everything thinks change is the answer.  I think continuity is important.  Recruiting is on an upward trend.  Defense is not where I want it to be but it is on an upward trend......We moved up 17 spots in points per game (nationally).  We moved up 52 spots in interceptions... 22 spots in forced fumbles.... 74 spots in sacks...  Our mental errors were down... We're not where we want to be."

Later on when asked directly about Mark D'Onofrio:

"I'm responsible for everything that happens in the building......We are not where we want to be, the young people that play for us have fought their tails off the past few years....  If it was not a positive trend right now I would go in a different direction. I like the trend we are going right now as a program."

His priority his on defense:

"We have to stop the run, our passed rush improved greatly. Guys like Tyriq McCord and Al-Quadin Muhammad helped  us greatly.  We need to get better with our four man rush."