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FSU Auburn Pick - Jameis & Teddy Roosevelt

We've reached one of the saddest days of my year. The final college football game of the season will be played tonight. All season I have been picking games, but I haven't been able to break away from the 50% magnet. I pick the Title game between FSU and Auburn. Fate makes me extremely confident in tonight's outcome.

Tyler Smith

"I am only an average man but, by George, I work harder at it than the average man." - Theodore Roosevelt

Vanderbilt's win on Saturday gave me hope for a winning bowl season, but Ball State and the MAC devastated me once again. My bowl record is now 16-17-1. It has been well documented, but in case you are reading one of my articles for the first time, my regular season record was 91-91-1. Precise Mediocrity has been the story of the 2013 season. For both the Miami Hurricanes and my picks, this season was filled with highs and lows. It is very likely that Florida State wins by double digits tonight, giving me a final record of 108-108-2. Fate has determined that I will win exactly 50% this season.  I have had a great experience writing for State of the U over the past six months and hope you enjoyed the ride along the way. After ten bowl articles in two weeks (without a winning record to show for it), I am taking a short writing hiatus. I will resurface with a clean slate to pick NCAA Tournament games in March. There is significant room for improvement in 2014 and I'll work hard on film study this offseason. Let's get #PreciseMediocrity trending on Twitter tonight alongside #Jameis. 

FLORIDA STATE -10 vs Auburn

Florida State simply has more talent than Auburn on both sides of the ball. The long layoff helped FSU DC Jeremy Pruitt prepare his guys to stop Gus Malzahn’s versatile rushing attack. I don’t expect Jameis Winston to have a Heisman hangover tonight. His talented group of WR’s will step up and make plays in the downfield passing game. Florida State will build an early first half lead and force Auburn into potential passing situations. QB Nick Marshall has excelled this season, but the Tigers are one-dimensional on offense. Auburn certainly feels like the team of destiny given the way they beat Georgia and Alabama, but I expect their luck to run out tonight. Clemson’s win over Ohio State helped the profile of the ACC and a FSU win tonight would be huge for the conference. Miami fans have an appreciation for how dominant the Noles have been this season. I’d be thrilled if Auburn pulls the upset, but I simply don’t see it happening. My 50% pick magnet has more power than the cries of War Eagle. Florida State wins by 17+ tonight.


Jerry Steinberg (18 – 15 - 1 record) – Florida State

Josh Maser (18 – 15 - 1 record) – Florida State

Michael Grunewald (17 – 16 - 1 record) – Florida State