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Displaying the Strengths of Brad Kaaya via Images and Video

The freshman QB does so many things, so well. We illustrate them below.

Joel Auerbach

I think we all know that Cincinnati is not going to be confused with the '86 Bears any time soon.

And I am also positive that most 'Canes fans and pundits alike knew that Brad Kaaya was a special QB before today's 17/24 286 yards 3/0 TD/INT performance Vs the Bearcats.

But if you look beyond the numbers, it is the little things like recognition, ball handling, footwork, accuracy, and touch that are improving week in and week out with Kaaya.

All of these factors were on display time and time again this afternoon.

If all else fails this season at least Miami fans can hang their hats on the fact that UM has one of the best QBs not only in the ACC, but the country, for years to come.

For the interest of breaking it all down we will look at his 14 yard 1st quarter TD pass to Clive Walford to illustrate his many strengths.

Pre Snap - Cincy is in an 8 man front, due to UM's early success on the ground.  Kaaya knows he likely faces man defense behind it. Trait: Great Recognition


The freshman QB freezes the LBs with a token play action fake. Not an incredible fake, but he sells it with his feet and by turning his back to the D.  Walford sneaks out into his pattern. Strength: Ball Handling on point


Malcolm Lewis and Walford run a nice little inside out pattern with Lewis running a crossing pattern and the big TE slipping down the sideline on a wheel route.  Notice also arrowed in blue the great footwork of Kaaya as he gets his weight distributed onto his back foot before stepping in to fire. Skill displayed: Footwork perfect


He's got the match-up that he wants and his man has a step.  He is perfectly squared to make the throw. Good Balance and again Footwork on display.


The ball is placed perfectly in the corner of the end zone, in a spot that only Walford can nab it.  6 points for the good guys. Terrific Touch by Kaaya.


And again, from another angle. Have we mentioned Accuracy?!


Here it is again, start to finish, from 3 angles:

Last but not least, Kaaya's full day of highlights:

So much of what this program is hoping to achieve centers around this young man.

It is comforting to see that while the D may not yet be up to the task, they are in great hands at the signal caller spot.

Stay tuned for more 'Canes breakdowns as UM looks to finish the season strong.