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'Canes Can Still Win a Weak ACC Coastal

Miami will have to finish strong, but division championship is still very plausible.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Cheer up Miami fans,  the season still has a long way to go.

Yes it has been disappointing, but yes they can still win the Coastal Division.

How you ask?

UM seemingly has a very manageable schedule down the stretch.

Looking at the standings/schedule, indeed Miami can still finish strong.   And yes they still do have a lot to play for.

Coastal Division
Duke 2-1 6-1
Virginia 2-1 4-3
Pittsburgh 2-1 4-3
Georgia Tech 2-2 5-2
Virginia Tech 1-2 4-3
Miami (FL) 1-2 4-3
North Carolina 1-2 3-4

Obviously Miami still does need help to win the Coastal.  Even if they can take care of UVA, Pitt, VT, and UNC with head to head wins, they still have to face FSU, and still need Georgia Tech (who beat them head to head) to lose at least one more time. GT by the way still has @Pitt, UVA, @NC State, and Clemson to face.  Would it be shocking if the lost at least 2 of those games?

The other good news being that Miami still faces all of the teams ahead of them with the exception of the Yellow Jackets. And they have a win over Duke, the first tie breaker should the two teams end up tied.

So some of their destiny, if not all of it, is within their control.

But given the unpredictable nature of the Coastal, it is not that far from reality that Miami could finish strong and earn a trip to Charlotte?

Yes the defense is still a major reason for concern.

But look at the rest of the division.

UNC is 122nd in total defense.  Just one slot ahead of that awful Cincinnati team Miami just took care of.

GT is just 75th in total defense.   And they just lost this past weekend to that Heels team and their terrible D.

VT is just 77th in total offense, and they didn't look too hot on Thursday in losing 21-16 to Pitt.

Pitt, by the way, is just one spot better in total offense at 76th, and a miserable 118th in passing yards.

The point in all of this?

Each and every team in the Coastal has serious blemishes and flaws.  Someone is going to have to win that division.

Why not Miami?