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Video/Images of Duke Johnson's Special Night for Hurricanes Football

Johnson does it all, on the field and off of it.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Last night clearly belonged to Duke Johnson.

29 carries 249 yards and a score rushing.

2 huge catches 37 more yards and another score.

Most importantly, a few more touching moments with a special young man and a win for his team.

Let's take a closer look at his incredible evening.

Can he start and stop and make people miss? Perhaps as good as any back in all of College Football. Here Duke turns what could be a loss into an 11 yard gain, with two amazing jump cuts.


His repertoire just keeps expanding and getting better and better. Last night, Johnson made like Superman and jumped tall buildings (and defenders) in a single bound.

Duke is up to 212 pounds and running very well between the tackles. But he still has the 4.41 speed to leave defenders in the dust.

Perhaps the most improved aspect of his game is his receiving ability out of the backfield. Duke has 19 catches for over 240 yards this year, including this beauty.

Is there a better stiff arm in the game? (seriously on any level)  Johnson leaves two defenders on the ground wondering if they were hit with a  stiff George Foreman jab.

Need a clutch play, say with under ten seconds left in the half and no time outs?  #8 has you covered.

We haven't even talked about what a great leader he is. Duke Johnson is as modest and hard working as you will ever find in a superstar athlete.

And the warmness that was so evident between Johnson and make-a-wish recipient Carter Hucks is as genuine as it is touching.

Enjoy this young man 'Canes fans. Even for a program like Miami that has a star studded history, Duke Johnson is special.

Players like him are rare.

People like him are rarer.