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Club D'Onofrio: Return Of The Mack

Thursaday night was fun. A defense decided to join Duke Johnson and crew and the results were awesome. Let's all welcome back DJ D'Onofrio.

Im at the ranch. And it's cool.
Im at the ranch. And it's cool.

Sorry folks, no snack chips inside the club.

Last time we caught up with DJ D'Onofrio he was fresh off a 2.8 yards per carry set against University of Florida. That was the genesis, and you can blame (or praise) @antonazucar for all this. Check it out HERE. As you may know, nothing has changed from back then. He's still maligned, but also still in the booth. Thursday night was a movie and I don't know if I'm going to get another chance like this so lets get it.

"How you gonna hate from outside the club, you can't even get in"

Drive 1 for VT: 3 plays 8 yards, punt.

Drive 2 for VT: 5 plays 4 yards, punt.

Party people make some noiseeeee

I think you know what time it is.


First Quarter Defensive Stats: ONE YARD ALLOWED RUSHING. 12 YARDS TOTAL.


Drive 3 for VT:  6 plays 25 yards, punt.

Drive 4 for VT: 3 plays 0 yards 17seconds Teee Ohhhh Peee. Punt


Drive 5 for VT: 3 plays, -11 yards


First Half Stats for Miami's defense: 2 first downs allowed, -13 yards rushing, 49 yards passing. Yes that's 36 total yards allowed by a Miami defense on the road. VT was 1 of 6 on 3rd down. Miami 24 VT 0


The second half was classic DJ Bend But Dont Break but up as much as they were it didn't matter. Led by Mr. Steal Yo girl aka DJ RedZone Turnover, the Miami defense created 3 turnovers keeping a shut out in-tack until it just became sad and OK Hokies fine if it means that much to you score with like a minute left.

"You know what goes good with this beat? Fireworks, let em score"

Fun Fact: Nantambu-Akil Fentress was second on the team in tackles with 9 on Thursday.

Till next time, stay safe and #DropAbeat

DJ D'0