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Updated Look at the Crazy ACC Coastal and Miami Hurricanes' Chances to Win Division

UM took an important step toward ACC Coastal glory with a resounding win last week, but much work remains.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another shift in the standings in College Football's craziest division.

Miami's strong win over VT, Geogia Tech's demolition of turnover prone Pitt, and UNC's stirring victory against UVA leave the 'Canes in a remarkable 4 way tie for 3rd place with the three teams they have left to play in the Division, at 2-2 a piece.

UM has split their meetings with the two teams ahead of them, GT and Duke.

Here are the updated standings:

Week 7

Coastal Division
Duke 2-1 6-1
Virginia 2-1 4-3
Pittsburgh 2-1 4-3
Georgia Tech 2-2 5-2
Virginia Tech 1-2 4-3
Miami (FL) 1-2 4-3
North Carolina 1-2 3-4

Week 8

Coastal Division
Duke 2-1 6-1
Georgia Tech 3-2 5-3
Miami 2-2 5-3
UNC 2-2 4-4
Pittsburgh 2-2 4-4
Virginia 2-2 4-4
Virginia Tech 1-3 4-4

And, Miami's Remaining Schedule:

So what needs to happen?

Miami absolutely must beat UNC, UVA, and Pitt.   A win over FSU would really help too. But a loss to any of their remaining Coastal Division foes and this is all a pipe dream.

If they take care of their three coastal foes, and say lose to FSU, that would leave them at 5-3, and it would  take care of any potential tiebreakers with the Panthers, Hoos, and Tar Heels.

So what about GT (3-2)  and Duke (2-1)?

Duke has 4 conference games ahead, @Syracuse, and home Vs VT, UNC, and Wake Forest. UM as mentioned above holds the tiebreaker with the Blue Devils, so UM fans need a 2-2 finish from Duke down the stretch should Miami take care of their division foes but lose to FSU.

Things are little trickier with the Yellow Jackets.

Miami needs them to lose twice as well, because they have defeated the 'Canes head to head.

GT has a home game against Virginia this weekend,  heads to NC State for a road contest, and finishes up in Atlanta Vs Clemson.

I have a very hard time seeing Duke or GT going undefeated in their remaining conference games. Duke could definitely struggle on the road with Syracuse (though they should be the better team) and UNC is hot enough to knock off the Devils in Durham as well (but hopefully not so hot to knock off the 'Canes, this weekend).

As for GT, they could also easily lose 2 (Clemson, and at NC State) as well.  They ended a 2 game losing streak this weekend Vs the Panthers, but Pitt essentially handed them that game.

As promising as all of this sounds, it has to start with Miami playing with the same aggression and poise they did on Thursday in Blacksburg.

With out that,all of this speculation and scoreboard watching is meaningless.

Stay tuned Hurricanes fans, stay tuned ACC fans as well.