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Looking Ahead: Miami Hurricanes Should Find Success on O Vs UNC Defense

The 'Canes open up as big favorites this weekend, in large part due to a North Carolina defense that has really struggled in 2014.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the guys in Vegas really know their stuff, however other times they can really leave you scratching your head.

17 points  over a North Carolina team that suddenly has 2 consecutive conference victories over Georgia Tech and Virginia, not to mention pushing Notre Dame to the finish in a competitive 50-43 loss, just 3 weeks ago?!

We know UM is playing well of late but why the sudden love for the 'Canes?

On closer inspection, this may be more about a lack of faith in the Heels.

  • UNC is currently 123rd Nationally in total defense surrendering 512 ypg (302 via the air, and 210+ on the ground).
  • They are dead last in points allowed at 41.3 a game.
  • In fairness, a lot of the stats are skewed by the 789 yards and 70 points they allowed to East Carolina on 9/20.
  • They also have trouble getting off the field. For the season, UNC is averaging just 24:23 possession time per game against FBS foes. Only Temple has held the ball for less time. (Don't you just love Temple references?)

Not the numbers the folks in Chapel Hill want to hear heading into a contest where they will have to face Duke Jonson (1,036 yards, 7.5 ypc), Brad Kaaya (1,898 yards passing 17/9 TD/INT),  and Phillip Dorsett (nation's best 31.4 ypc) among others.

Let this play sum it up for you:

So what you have here is Cincinnati with a little better offense.

Well maybe a lot better offense.

Marquise Williams (2,035 yards 17 TD 7 INT 63.3% completions, team leading 497 rushing yards 5 more TDs) is one of the better dual threat QBs in the country.

Mack Hollins (26 catches for 555 yards, 7 TDs) is one of the best deep threats this side of Dorsett.  And Ryan Switzer (35-456-3) is a threat from the slot and in the return game.

So the Hurricanes' defense is definitely going to have their hands full.

But with a defense this bad, are the odds makers on to something regarding this weekend's game?

This could still be a highly competitive contest.

One thing is for sure, Miami should be able to move the ball with some efficiency Vs a maligned UNC D.