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Once Again Miami Hurricanes Defense Subpar in Loss to GT

Examining UM's issues defending, particularly against the pitch.

Scott Cunningham

Anytime you play the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, you know the inevitable is coming.

Yes they have multiple variations they run off the triple option, but you have to stop that play first and foremost.

Execution is key. You better tackle, you better get off blocks, and you better do both all game. But it's all for nothing if you don't account for the fullback dive, the QB, and the pitch man.

Miami was inconsistent and at times porous in stopping the FB (Zach Laskey ran 29 times for 133 yards).

But they were even worse at stopping the pitch.

Here's the epitome of it all:

One of the few instances where pre snap UM lines up with 8 in the box.

As opposed to the play below:

Here they actually have GT outnumbered at the onset of the play. But you can see there is far too much focus on the FB. No one is shadowing the pitch man. That's where the breakdown begins.


This is not good assignment football.  8 Miami defenders crashing in to the middle.  Zero contain. Either the DE or OLB need to honor the possibility of the pitch.  Additionally the QB isn't even accounted for.


Could it be any more wide open??



Far too easy, far too easy.

“We helped them in too many ways,” Miami Head Coach Al Golden said after the game.

The biggest way the 'Canes helped GT was not defending something (or several)  the whole stadium knew was coming.

And with that, another disappointing loss.   Another perplexing defensive performance.

Themes that are becoming all too familiar for UM fans.