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M4: Watershed Moment(s) for Golden Era

The “Monday Morning Miami Musings” (M4) is an article series our site will be running every Monday after the Canes play a game. It’s a reactionary piece to review what happened during the game. Now, what will set this series apart from our normal post-game articles will be the fact that it will be written and posted 48 hours (or, if a Thursday game, 96 hours) after the games are played. It’ very well known that we’re all passionate and have knee jerk reactions right after the Canes play. This series will be to hopefully give a solid and relatively unbiased account of the game.

Al Golden reacts in frustration to a call byt he referee's.
Al Golden reacts in frustration to a call byt he referee's.
Scott Cunningham

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's over.

I could sit here and tell you how flawed the system is..

Perrymean sitting 8 yards deep

(middle linebacker sitting 8 yards back on a team that rushes 85-90% of the time)

Or that the in-game strategy is horrid..

Goaline Formation on Third Down

(4 defensive linemen on a third and goal from the one by a run oriented offense)

But I'm not going to do that because it's already been done by our staff and other reporters.

What i will tell you is.. It's over. Whether it's Golden going at the end of the year or Coach D'Onofrio who is the current defensive coordinator, one or both will be gone.

First off, these are my opinions, I do not voice for anyone else but myself so if any flack is directed, please do so towards me.

I was at the game sitting up in the press booth and Miami had the better athletes. They simply weren't put in the position to succeed in this game. The defensive tackles were lined up too wide allowing the dive play(s) at will and the safeties were nonexistent in this game due to their tasks being to watch for the over-the-top throw... That never came. Period.

GT ran many misdirection plays and they were really telling when it came to the overall athlete superiority on the field. Miami over pursued on many of the plays that were successful by the Yellow Jackets. However, against a team with lesser overall team speed than Miami those plays probably would have gone for touchdowns. In this contest GT simply was only able to gain 5 and 10 yard chunks when they tried to "get cute."

The fact of the matter is, the defensive players had, in my opinion, a better skill set than the GT offense but were consistently put in position to falter the entire game. It was just a matter of if GT took what UM gave them. That is squarely on the coaching staff.

With all that said.. Guys.. We weren't the only ones that saw the contest. The administration was on hand (Shalala was at the pep rally in Atlanta the day before) and many of the boosters were either in attendance or watching from home. If you follow social media (twitter) you've seen the criticism..

I guess what I'm trying to say... It's going to happen guys. Someone is going to go. We can bitch and moan all we want but just know, it's going to happen.