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Duke Johnson, Denzel Perryman Avoid Critiquing the Coaches

DP and Duke spoke to the media today, and both kept calm in the eye of the storm.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of angst has been expressed through by UM fans the past few days.

Most has been directed at the coaching (or perceived lack thereof).

Two of Miami's best players addressed the press this morning, and not surprisingly avoided any harsh words for the coaches.

First up was Duke Johnson.

This is a young man who handles himself with the utmost dignity and class at all times. Certainly dealing with the media is part of the responsibility of being a star player, but despite the hard times the team is suffering there was not a word of negativity from the Junior RB.

When asked about former players opinions on the current state of the program,

"I don't have a reaction, those guys feel that way for some reason.  They are entitled to their opinion.  It is out of my control, I am just here to play football."

On whether or not they take their cues on handling outside noise from Coach Golden,

"He really doesn't have to help us. This is a team that is run off the older guys."

On UM's struggles on third downs, and improving them,

"Capitalizing on 1st and second downs and making third downs manageable (is the key). Some guys are not doing what they’re trained to do. Not being tuned into the details that the coaches are saying."

On avoiding getting discouraged by the 3-3 start,

"You don't worry about what is going on on the outside.  Just control what you can control."

On keeping the younger players focused,

Lead by example.  Come in and work hard everyday.  Don't be negative.

On the fans and coming out to this Saturday's game,

"Fans should show up no matter what our record is and what is going on to support our team."

Denzel Perryman has also been a classy student athlete in his 4 seasons at Coral Gables.

Here also spoke to the media this morning.

On salvaging the season:

"There are still a lot of things we can accomplish.  I am going to talk to the team today and tomorrow to see where their minds are at."

On today's day off:

"We had the day to rest up and heal up, so we can get back to practice tomorrow and get ready for Cincinnati."

On believing in the scheme and the complexity:

"Everybody knows the playbook and it's all about execution.  We're not happy right now, we can perform way better than we did. We left a lot of plays on the field."

Again, I would not expect anything less from two classy young men who were in a very difficult position to say the least.

Whether they have the answers or not, throwing the coaching staff under the bus is not an option for these two. Nor is it in their character's.

Fans may have wanted to hear something different this morning, but in a sense it is reassuring to know that there is no chance of a mutiny in the 'Cane locker room.  These two wouldn't have it.

If changes come, they have to come the right way.  That mean's the school's athletic department. If the players displayed displeasure openly, it might make the fans feel better, but is would not be good for the team.

And if there is any chance this mess gets turned around whatsoever this season, Duke Johnson and Denzel Perryman will both be at the heart of it.