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FSU Week trash talk begins...kinda

Yeah, we know there will be trash talk this week. What, specifically? Let's take a look

FSU fans will try to talk trash about Duke Johnson this week. Read my response below.
FSU fans will try to talk trash about Duke Johnson this week. Read my response below.
Mike Ehrmann

In case you’ve been under a rock, it’s the biggest game of the year is this week. Miami Hurricanes vs. Florida State Seminoles.

This year’s installment of the rivalry will be played at 8:00pm and shown nationally on ABC.

Yeah, it’s a big game.

And, with it being a big game, there’s going to be big talk from both fan bases. Name calling. Trash talk. All of that.

The Seminole fans are always particularly concerned with the Hurricanes program and team. And, they’re not shy about their thoughts. Let’s look at a few of their favorite things to say:

FSU Bros: The Miami Hurricanes have never won their division, or been to an ACC Championship Game, and (some fans) called it the #AllCanesConference when we joined the ACC

Yes. This is true. Over the past decade we have been through some tough times, and that has resulted in us not making, let alone winning, the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship.

FSU Bros: Miami hasn’t beaten FSU since 2009

Also true. FSU has won the last 4 games in this series.

FSU Bros: Miami doesn’t have an on-campus stadium

Also true. The Orange Bowl was the best location available, and all other options seem to be far fetched, and there won’t ever be a stadium in Coral Gables.

FSU Bros: Tarps at SunLife Stadium often take up more seats than Canes fans do

Funny, yes. True, no. And, it really doesn't matter this week because the stadium will be packed.

FSU Bros: Seminole fans will outnumber Hurricanes fans at the game on Saturday.

Yes, there will be plenty of FSU fans at SunLife Stadium for this game. Yes, the stands will be packed to, or maybe above, capacity. But, MORE FSU fans than Miami fans at this game?


FSU Bros: Miami has an e-fanbase, and is content to follow the team online and not go to any games.

Nice soundbite, I must say. But, the reality is with a small private school whose student body is largely from places other than Coral Gables, alumni will be spread out around the country. So, they follow as they can.

FSU Bros: FSU takes all of Miami’s elite recruit targets.

Yes, FSU (and other schools) do recruit players from South Florida, but blanket statements are never a good thing. Duke Johnson. Stacy Coley (think recruit, not sophomore slumper). Tracy Howard. Jermaine Grace. Deon Bush. Chad Thomas. Those are but a few of the local players to choose to play for the hometown Canes rather than the Seminoles. Say what you want, but Miami recruits locally with the best of them, even if it’s not to the level that all Canes fans might desire.

FSU Bros: Al Golden’s best wins as Miami’s coach are an average Duke team this year, and a very-down Virginia Tech

Correct. Miami has not had a marquee win in a while.

FSU Bros: Duke Johnson isn’t an elite college RB.


#1 in All-Purpose yards (4,939) in Miami Hurricanes History.

#2 in Rushing yards (3,088)  in Miami Hurricanes History.

Those records (and more) have been accomplished in only 29 career games (previous record holders Ottis Anderson and Santana Moss played 41 and 42 games, respectively).

I mean, FSU Bros can say that.

They’re reaching and incredibly wrong, but they can say that.

All of those things will be said by FSU fans to demean the University of Miami Hurricanes before this game.

But, we know that. We see that. I’ve said that.

So now, the question is…..

What else you got, Seminoles?

GO CANES!!!!!!