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Miami Vs Florida State Week Monday Evening Update: Flowers Iffy, More

Let the hype begin.

Michael Shroyer

The big news on the day was that although limited, Miami LT Ereck Flowers did practice.

Some were very optimistic (including Flowers himself):

Returning to the playing field two weeks after surgery for a torn meniscus however is a long shot.

Web MD (great source, right?)  lists the expected time to recover and participate in full sports, 4-6 weeks on average.

With Flowers' NFL stock at risk, my guess is the the Coaching Staff takes a conservative approach, regardless of how badly he wants to play.

However, in the definite good news category......

With this game being as important as it is, I expect Duke Johnson to get the bulk of work.  But good to know Miami has Edwards as an option should they need him.......

In other news, both teams started the week with a mutual admiration society type approach:

Don't expect that to change much over the span of the week.  I doubt either squad is looking to provide bulletin board material for the other.

Of course come game time, there will probably be a lot more yapping........

Wondering who will be calling the game?

Other than that it's been a somewhat uneventful first day of preparation for the big game.....

But hey when all else fails, there are always hype videos, ENJOY: