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State of the U Staff Predictions/Fan Contest: Miami Vs Florida State

Can the 'Canes pull the upset over the Seminoles? Our staff tells you what they think. Plus a chance for fans to win a prize if they can predict the winner and the exact score in the comments section.

Mike Ehrmann

Vegas certainly thinks this is going to be a close game.

The opening line for Miami/FSU favored the Noles by just 2.5 points.

But can UM do more than just keep it close?  After all, FSU comes in with a 25 game winning streak.

For fans reading, please see the rules of the contest below.  Let's have a little fun with this.

Here's how the SOTU staff sees it:

First up we have the staff prognosticator himself, John Pickens.

Miami wins 34-31. Duke Johnson has a special night on the ground. Miami's defense makes just enough plays to hold on in the fourth quarter. Brad Kaaya plays well and relies on his TE Clive Walford in the red zone. The Canes win the turnover battle and stay undefeated at home.

Josh Maser, also likes the 'Canes.

Winston turns the ball over early like he's been doing lately then the game turns into a shootout. Duke Johnson doesn't have a crazy game but still goes over 100 yards from scrimmage. Kaaya gets the play action going early and we outscore them just enough. 38-34 Canes.

Charlie Strauzer made it 3 for 3 for UM.

Canes win 44-30.  Canes D shows up big and is in Winston's grill frequently, Cook is quickly shown to the bench after re-injuring his hip and Bush and Burns lock down WR Green.  On offense, Kaaya strikes early and often finding multiple targets through the air, allowing Duke to run free for 2 scores.

Our newest staff member, Michelle Bertran, bucked the trend and showed she wasn't a victim of group think.

35-31 FSU (as much as i hate to say it). Their Heisman trophy winning quarterback has proven over & over again that he can bounce back from early mistakes in the game. They have been the most clutch team in college football for the past two years.

Joshua Kaufman, also likes the Noles in this contest. He explains why in his usual comedic fashion.

It's hard to go full-homer against a team that hasn't lost in nearly two-years. Miami is going to put up a good fight but it's not going to be good enough. Kaaya is great for a true frosh and may develop into one of the best QBs in the country over the next few years, but FSU has that guy now in Winston. FSU crab-scuttles to a 35-31 victory over the 'Canes.

Mike Seay (Dorseyitis)  continued the trend of picking FSU.

I think Miami is still a year away, it's competitive but FSU should pull away late 30-17. I'm not sure our current online can hold off Edwards Jr. and Goldman. Too many players have to have special games for me to feel confident about UM.

Ditto Craig Smith.

FSU 27, Miami 23. Virginia and Louisville have proven the FSU defense to be mere mortals in recent weeks, and I'm still not sure who's the best player out of Duke and Jameis. I'll pick the latter in this match-up leading his team to a late victory, simply given the guy doesn't seem to know how to lose. Hope I'm wrong.

Yours truly did not pick the team from Tallahassee.

I am trying to look at the game as objectively as possible. Yes FSU is a little off this year.  And yes Miami has elevated their play the past few weeks.  It's funny, if you asked me the same after Nebraska or Georgia Tech there is no way I would have picked the 'Canes to win. Rivalry aside I have the utmost respect for what Florida State is doing on the field. 25 game winning streaks don't happen with out intestinal fortitude as well as talent. But I have to say, they have gotten a few breaks along the way. Something tells me that their "luck" runs out.  The Hurricanes get all the bounces and pull off the "minor" upset in a 34-31 win.  It should fun come Saturday Night.

Mike Grunewald (NOVAcane) really likes the Seminoles in this one.

My heart says Miami but until this coaching staff puts together a complete game of proper scheme and use of time management I will bet against the Canes in tough opponent matchups.
Have to see it to believe it.   34-17 FSU

Scott Salomon's prediction was short and sweet.

Miami wins 37-24. Duke wins the battles up front and Kaaya comes of age and leads Miami to a big win.

Larry "The Amigo" Milian  went historic on us.

Canes will jump out to early lead and confuse FSU. Second half FSU charge makes it a classic.

A final second missed kick by FSU makes it an even bigger classic. As I predicted in the beginning of the season, Miami wins a thriller, 34-31.

What do you think happens on Saturday Night?  Please leave a comment below with your prediction, including the score and the winner.  If someone (excluding staff) hits the nail on the head (exact prediction) State of the U will send you a prize


The cut off for predictions is kick off.

Only one prediction per person is allowed.

FSU fans are also allowed to participate.

If two people predict the identical score and both are correct, the earlier prediction is the tie breaker.

Predictions have to be on the site in the comments of this post and not on Twitter/Facebook, etc. to be eligible for the contest.

No purchase necessary. All entries are subject to the official rules, which may be found here. Rules