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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: Tweetcapping the weekend

There were over 200 recruits on hand for the FSU game. Here's some of their reactions, and other recruiting notes following the weekend

Many recruits were on hand for the Canes game vs FSU. Several will run through the smoke, one day
Many recruits were on hand for the Canes game vs FSU. Several will run through the smoke, one day
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

In the biggest recruiting event of the year, over 200 players were on hand for the Miami v. FSU game on Saturday night. During and after the game, they took to twitter. Here is a collection of those tweets.

Canes commit OT Bar Milo enjoyed himself. And, before you ask, yes, that's a matte black helmet in the bottom right picture.

The headliner of the weekend, 5-star DT Rasheem Green also had a positive weekend

Green's teammate, 5-star LB John Houston, echoed those sentiments:

A player who was not on any list I saw for visitors was 4-star LB Quart'e Sapp from Georgia. He, too, seemed to enjoy his time in Miami.

2016 commit Sam Bruce was still deflated with the loss.

Yet, at the same time, hopeful for the furture

2015 commit Dexter Williams was reflective, too

2015 CB Carlton Davis had a simple evaluation of the game

("Blew the check" is slang for "messed up  a good opportunity". Used in reference to losing close games, dropping touchdowns, etc)

Contrasting that, 2016 5-star Saivion Smith enjoyed some of the other events of Saturday night

Remember how I said there would be way more recruits on hand than the ones listed in the preview article? I was right. Here is Binjimen Victor (who I listed) and 3 other SoFLA players who I did not.

3-star ATH Rodrick Archer was on hand. Here's his view from the recruiting section:

3-star DB Hunter Dale from New Orleans really enjoyed his visit. Says he'll return. Will that be his official?

4-star RB commit Jordan Scarlett was at the game, and threw up the U in support of the Canes. Also, if you go down his twitter timeline, he RT'd a bunch of pictures and videos leading up to the game.

4-star DE commit Scott Patchan, 3-star DT commit Ryan Fines, and more guys from IMG academy were on hand as well.

3-star OT commit Brendan Loftus was right at home back in Miami.

2016 WR commit Dionte Mullins, one of the most vocal Canes commits, lived up to that reputation

2016 WR commit Dredrick Snelson was hype for the game too

Wish I had a picture of this outfit

2016 Booker T. Washington CB Dontye Carriere-Williams and 2017 Miramar CB Brian Edwards were on hand last night as well.

2016 LB commit Shaq Quarterman had lots to say during the game

So too did 2016 4-star DE prospect Brian Burns (he's teammates with Dredrick Snelson, if you didn't know)

2016 LB commit Michael Pinckney was on hand too

2015 Hallandale CB Jaelyn Faulk was on hand too, with a few of his teammates

2016 players Parker Boudreaux, Nolan DeFranco, and Ryan Bradley all traveled to Miami together

Boudreaux met Dionte Mullins' mother on the sideline

And, just to close this out, here's a pic of all the recruits standing on the sideline before the game

That was the experience (or partial snapshot) from recruits in the game. We'll find out more about how that experience affected the recuits in the near future.