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Al Golden's Weekly appearance on WQAM's Joe Rose Show

Al Golden joined Joe Rose on WQAM for his weekly appearance. Here's what he had to say following the FSU game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

No preamble. Let's get right to it.

Golden gave his thoughts on why the Canes came up short

This next part was really the turning point of the game to me

Trinidad Brad time? Trinidad Brad time.

Joe Rose asked Golden a couple of questions about FSU next

Say what you will about the coachspeak, but I'd rather a coach who supports our players than one who throws them under the bus at any chance (wassup, Brian Kelly?)

Can't dwell on the loss. Or, as many say, "Can't let FSU beat you twice"

Next, Golden talked Crootin'

Golden also mentioned that multiple players on the roster were able to come to a vast number of games in the recruiting section when they were in HS. Yeah, the NCAA thing is still around, but it's NOT the major roadblock that it once was.

Back to the ballgame

Golden praised Flowers for quite a while. Really incredible that he had knee surgery and was back on the field so quickly. Played every snap at LT.