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Newest linebacker commit opens up

The 2016 prospect has had an explosive junior season, which has allowed him to follow his dream.

Two days ago, Santaluces High School linebacker Zach McCloud verbally committed to the University of Miami.

"I decided to commit, because I've been wanting to play at Miami for years," McCloud said in a Facebook interview. "I feel like Miami can develop me as a player and as a person tremendously and they seem to be interested in molding me into the monster that I seek to become, as well as developing my character."

McCloud had a great time last weekend watching the 'Canes go up against the unbeaten Seminoles. The atmosphere stuck out to him the most and he is excited about the possibility of him playing in that rivalry in a couple of years. He hopes to visit the Coral Gables campus with his family during the bowl season.

As for his family, they are thrilled to see him mature and achieve his goals. "My dad couldn't be happier unless I was on my way to play for the Dolphins," McCloud said.

McCloud said his older sister is "proud to have seen her annoying little brother mature to this level and chase everything he's ever had his eyes on."

An explosive junior season is exactly what McCloud needed to get his name out there, and that is what he was able to accomplish. He was close to 100 tackles for the season, and he made countless punishing hits on his opposition. As of now, Georgia is the only school other than Miami to offer him, but expect that to change in the coming months.