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3 Keys to Victory: Miami Vs Pittsburgh

What will it take for UM to close the regular season out on a high note?

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

What will we remember about the 2014 Miami Hurricanes Football Team?

I am sure by now there is little chance fans of the 'Canes can avoid putting this team in the disappointment category.

Nonetheless closing the season out with a win this evening Vs Pitt (and hopefully following it with a Bowl win) would ease a tiny bit of the sting.

Finish this game with a loss and worse yet lose the bowl to complete the year sub 500, and anything good that happened this season will be all but forgotten.

What do the Hurricanes need to do to get a win tonight?

Here are my 3 keys:

#1 Stop giving away points in the kicking game -  Against FSU a blocked XP and missed chip shot cost Miami 4 points. Anyone want to guess what they lost by?  Trailing 10-7 nearing the end of the 1st half Vs UVA they had another FG attempt blocked and following a long return they surrendered a FG of their own for a 6 point swing.  Yes they ended up getting blown out, but who knows how that game turns out if it's 10-10 at the half. Whatever you want to believe about that one, the fact that the 'Canes have continually given away points in the kicking game is inexcusable. John Pickens talked more about the ST shortcomings earlier this week.  Bottom line it is time for it to get corrected, like NOW!

#2 Play this game like it is your last - For seniors Raphael Akpejiori, Thurston Armbrister, Ricky Carroll, Anthony Chickillo, Hugo Delapenha, Phillip Dorsett, Jon Feliciano, Nantambu Fentress, Ladarius Gunter, Shawn Harvey, Jake Heaps, Shane McDermott, Anthony Naser, Denzel Perryman, Olsen Pierre, Ronnie Regula, Jordan Tolson, Clive Walford, Ryan Williams, it is their last home game.  For any number of underclassmen it could also very well be.  If they want to close out their regular season careers with a win, they need more than just Walford and Perryman out there busting it.  Last week vs Virginia those two were the only bright spots.

#3 Aggression please?! -  I know I have used this one before.  And yes, each game is different from the last. But 10 years from now when you ask me what I remember about the 2014 Hurricanes, I will invariably say... "When they played aggressive they were pretty good,  they just didn't do enough of it."   The coaching staff should have a feel for this squad by now, and realize it is at its best when they force the opponents' hands, rather than play passive schemes.

There you have it 'Canes fans,  if Miami can correct their season long shortcomings on Special Teams, Honor their seniors with passion, and go back to what worked and employ aggressive play calling, they should complete the season 7-5.