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"The U Part II" Premieres This Weekend, Puts Program Back in Forefront

With the 'Canes struggling on the field, sequel to the popular documentary gives fans something to cheer for.


On Saturday Night after the Heisman Presentation, all eyes will once again be on The University of Miami.....

Well sort of.

Tomorrow Night, at 9:00 p.m. ET on ESPN, The U Part II premieres on ESPN.

In case you forgot how good the original was....  here is brief reminder (and one of my favorite parts).

Although chances are that if you are on this blog you need very little reminder how good it was/is and have seen "The U" a dozen or so times. (I have lost count myself, with last night's viewing on ESPN2 the most recent)

The 2009 version, directed by UM alum Billy Corben, was for a time the most popular and highly viewed of ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series.

Many ESPN executives will tell you it is still the most asked about.

Thus a sequel was inevitable.

The film runs two hours and Corben said the sequel goes from 1992 to present day. "I say present day in the loose sense of through Al Golden and the resolution of the most recent NCAA stuff," he told SI a few months back.

Here's a teaser from Part II:

The early returns from those who saw the premiere last night, were very positive.

While no documentary, even one as good as "The U" will ever replace success on the field, tomorrow's showing should remind the nation how good this program was and can still be.

It also can't hurt if any high level recruits take a peak and are considering coming to Coral Gables.

At minimum it should be a very fun watch.  Even if it touches on some of the shadier things that happened in recent years.

Don't forget to set your DVR's 'Canes fans.