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All I want for Christmas: 'Canes Style

Happy holidays to everyone who reads our humble blog. Here's our wish list to Santa from a Hurricanes fans' perspective.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want a winning program for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true...
All I want for Christmas
Is a better "U"......

Forgive the corny intro Miami fans.  I sometimes get a little giddy this time of year (until all of the bills for what "tis the season" brings come January).

And I wanted to have a little fun with it.   It has been a long year for us UM fans after all,  and it is Xmas Eve.

But seriously, like a bright eyed child on Santa's lap, I do have a Christmas/Holiday/New Year's Wish list.

So here it is.

SOTU's Christmas 'Canes Wish List:

No more in fighting among the fans.  I'm really dreaming big here, am I not?   But seriously, in this most festive time of year, can we all agree that it would make the New Year brighter if we had a harmonious group of Miami faithful who came together to ridicule 'Noles and Buckeyes and Gators and Fighting Irish instead of each other? There are 99 opinions on how our beloved 'Canes need to get better, and 101 on what to do with the coaches.  Let's celebrate our differences of opinions and the diversity of our fan base, because after all if we all thought and acted identical we would live in Tallahassee wouldn't we?  (Sorry for the dig Noles fans, that was not in the spirit of the season but I had to make a point.)  Let's come together in 2015 Miami fans.

A trip to Charlotte in 2015.   I don't care how we get there, who the coach is, and what the circumstances are. If the Hurricanes can not get past Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Duke, UNC, and Pitt to win that wretched division, I can't be happy.  That is all.

A HUGE 2015 for Duke Johnson,  Nothing would make me happier than to see Duke pick an award in '15. It can be the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, or the Heisman.  This young man carries himself with so much class and dignity, and has so much love for this program. It's hard not to root for him, regardless of whether he comes back for his senior campaign or not.

The seeds for "The U, Part III" being planted in 2015.  The only way this happens is if the football program starts another renovation, so this wish goes hand in hand with winning the ACC Coastal and beyond. Seriously though, I cant get enough of these documentaries.  Brad Kaaya said it best last  week, "Guys are walking around saying, 'We need to be Part Three.'"   Couldn't agree more.  Make it happen Hurricanes,  make it happen.

Hurricanes Hoops to find their swag again.   This is a young team with a lot of new pieces. They looked phenomenal earlier in the season, and even rose as high as #15 in the polls.  Recently, however,  they have fell flat on their faces with a couple of atrocious and humbling losses (Eastern Kentucky, really?).  But the great thing about Hoops season is that you can have bad stretches, and still recover.  Sure it might cost you in seeding (if you make it that far) but an awful 5 game set ends up a reflection point if it is followed by a nice run in the next 10.  This team has a lot to work with. And I wouldn't want any other coach in America than Jim Larranaga at the helm to work through the troubles. One present is already on the way in the form of PF Ivan Cruz Uceda, and he should help immediately. I'm not ready to give up on this team yet.  Please Santa, help them re-find their confidence enough to make some noise in the ACC!

A trip to Omaha.  I haven't fully researched this team nor the competition yet, but my Baseball people tell me they are going to be really good. Like top 10 good.  I do know All-American C/DH Zack Collins is back, and so are 2nd Team AA Starting Pitcher Andrew Suarez and Closer Bryan Garcia.  It's been too long since UM was a major force on the diamond.  It's time.

Last but not least, I want FSU to lose in the Football Final Four.   I know, I know, the holiday season is the not the time to be a hater.  And where is my conference pride, etc, etc ??  I just can't root for that team. Heck I just can't help but root against them.  Is it pure jealousy?  Is it the very often justified provocation we have all received at the hands of their fan base?  Is it the seemingly endless off the field scandals, and the way they inexplicably escape them all? Or the Houdini acts they produced week after week on the gridiron?  Perhaps all of the above with jealousy at the forefront.  All I know is that the holiday eggnog will certainly taste a little sweeter if the Seminoles lose.

Well there you have it Miami fans.  We've been good fans this year (mostly).  Okay, a lot of us have been naughty too. Nonetheless, maybe Santa can find a way to make some of these wishes come true.

Happy Holidays all, and Go Ducks!