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Green Bay ends Miami Basketball's Winning Streak

Green Bay fiercely beats UM, handing them their first loss of the season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It just wasn't the Hurricanes day today, as the Phoenix of Green Bay soundly defeated them by the the final score of 68-55.

Miami got off to a slow start against GB, but they were able to pick up the momentum toward the end of the first half.

They were down by 11 points at one point, but 'Canes managed to catch up and finally put some points on the scoreboard in the first half, leaving the score at 25-23 at the intermission. Deandre Burnett's two three-pointers and four field goals were what gave Miami the boost they needed to finish the half only trailing the Phoenix by just  two points.

At the start of the second half though, GB was still looking much, much stronger than Miami. The Hurricanes lost control of the ball plenty of times and frankly looked sloppy. The lead stretched  up to 16 points with seven minutes left in the game.  Deandre Burnett scored another three-pointer with 5:38 left in the game to slice into the lead but it wasn't quite enough.

One of the few positives in the game was the return of Davon Reed, who played his first game of the season coming off of a knee injury.  He did not score in 8 minutes, but did play some good defense.

Angel Rodriguez has a day to forget, logging 12 points but on just 2-15 shooting.

Burnett was the leading scorer for the 'Canes with 20 points and Sheldon McClellan added in 16 points.

The Phoenix just had much more intensity and drive than the Hurricanes. Green Bay came out with tremendous confidence and did not at all look the part of 10 point underdogs.

UM returns to action Monday, at 7PM vs Savannah State at the BUC.