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Under the Radar Draft Prospect: Allen Hurns

Something I wrote on one of the NFL Blogs regarding Hurns(slight edits) Enjoy.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: As Managing Editor of State of the U, SB Nation's University of Miami Blog, I have a slight bias toward UM players.

Allen Hurns is a 6'3 195 pound receiver who generally grades as a mid to late round pick amongst draft gurus. As a senior he broke Leonard Hankerson's (current WR on the Redskins) school record for single season receiving mark with 1,162.

No small accomplishment considering such legends as Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, and Michael Irvin all caught passes in Coral Gables.

Despite being graded as a lower pick, I strongly feel that Hurns can make an impact on the next level. Of his 62 catches last year, a whopping 30 were for first downs.

So what does Hurns do well and what can he improve upon?

Strengths: Good size, precise route runner, excellent run after catch, deceptively strong and faster then he looks. Will make catches over the middle as adeptly as on the outside, and showed earlier in his career he can play special teams. Also has a tireless work ethic.

Weaknesses: Not explosively fast. Needs to add some weight to his frame to take the punishment of the next level. His hands could use some work, usually pretty steady but had a few drops over his career.

In Summary, Hurns is a guy who can be had with a mid to late round pick and possibly earn a roster spot or at minimum push veterans. Several NFL teams are looking at Eagles FA Jeremy Maclin, and I would argue that Hurns is a poor man's Maclin, thus make him an intriguing possibility come April.