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State of the U catches up with 2016 Prospect Dontye Carriere-Williams of Booker T. Washington

The same school that produced Treon Harris, Chad Thomas, and Demetrius Jackson in 2014 alone, has another big time player in the wings in 2016 CB Dontye Carriere-Williams.

With the spread and pass heavy offenses dominating the college landscape, every program in America is looking for the next great cover corner.

5-10 162 pound CB Dontye Carriere-Williams still has two years to go before picking his school. But coming from an elite program like BTW and with the skill set he has already displayed, plenty of tops programs will come calling when it's time.

We caught up Dontye and asked him the following:

SOTU:  Tell us about your experience on the South Florida Express (one of the elite 7 on 7 programs in the country) How much fun is 7 on 7 and how does it prepare you for Booker T Washington's season?

DCW: South Florida Express is a lot of fun. You get to go against some of the best athletes many of whom  are very explosive. Every weekend in practice you get a chance to improve your game. You are playing the best players in South Florida so it helps me out a lot for the upcoming season.

SOTU:  You have got a long way to go before NSD 2016. But if you had to name a current Top 5, who would it be?

DCW: Clemson, Florida, FSU, Miami, and LSU.

SOTU: How much influence did older teammates like Treon Harris and Chad Thomas have on you both on and off the field? How has watching them go through the recruiting process prepared you for it yourself?

DCW: I learned a lot from what they went through, especially how they handled themselves with all of the attention and media. On the field I learned by watching them be leaders. Knowing when to take control of the team, and leading by example with your play on the field as well.

SOTU: You have a very good GPA of 3.4. How much will academics influence your decision on where to go? Do you know yet what you would like to study in college?

DCW: It will have a very big impact on where I go. I am thinking about going into engineering, or maybe economics. Academics will definitely play a big role in where I end up going.

SOTU:  What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

DCW: Something I need to work on is my foot work, particularly changing directions. Especially in dealing with the faster receivers who can run various routes. Strengths, I would say how fast I am as well as being very physical and explosive. I aim to be equally adept at covering receivers as well as supporting the run. It doesn't matter as long as I make plays.

SOTU: Is there a current college or NFL player that you model your game after?

DCW: Patrick Peterson, because he is explosive, quick, and a great athlete.

SOTU: Do you hope to get involved in the return game in the coming years?

DCW: Hopefully. I would love to.  We will have to wait and see.

SOTU: Last question.  Which people in your life have had the greatest impact on you and why?

DCW: My Dad and my Mom. My family in general has helped keep me focused and on the right track. They have encouraged me to stay off the streets and play football instead, as well stay focused on academics.  I love the game of football and I want to be a good person in life.

Thanks again to Dontye for letting us catch up with him.  We look forward to his progress in the next few years and wish him good luck in all he endeavors.  With a solid head on his shoulders and outstanding skills on the gridiron we are sure he is going to be very successful.