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More Bad News for Hurricanes Hoops: James Kelly suspended Indefinitely and Sorenson walks

What does this mean for the team and Kelly?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

6'7 245 pound JUCO F James Kelly has been suspended by the coaching staff for 3 games, for "a violation of team rules."

While details of what exactly led to the suspension are probably not forthcoming, a few things are certain.

Miami did not need this,  not now.

The roster is already shorthanded and Kelly was one of the few players who has shown decent scoring touch this season. (Imagine Miami Vs VT with out his 3-5 on 3 pointers)

Look for more minutes for Erik Swoope and Raphael Akpejori,  who has been inserted into the starting line-up the last 2 games with mixed results.

With next season's roster pretty stacked, especially on the wing,  it's time for Kelly to have an epiphany and get his act together.  Regardless of what led to the suspension he is going to need to impress the coaching staff on and off the court going forward to earn trust and thus minutes.

Hopefully the suspension serves as a wake up call and Kelly comes back strong.

Update: suspension now indefinite:

"At this time James Kelly has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules," said Larrañaga. "James is a fine young man but we need him to have a clear focus on what is expected of a student-athlete at the University of Miami."

In other news, Miami also lost walk on Steve Sorenson who left the team to focus on studies.

"We want to thank Steve for his contributions to the Miami basketball program,"Coach Jim Larrañaga said. "He has contributed greatly as an excellent practice player, but at this time he has decided to make academics not only his top priority, but his only priority. We wish Steve luck and know he will always feel a part of our program."

We wish him good luck!