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The U Represented Worldwide

Miami Hurricanes' athletes and fans are representing The U all over the World!

UM Alum and Olympic medalist Lauryn Williams (left) with Lolo Jones
UM Alum and Olympic medalist Lauryn Williams (left) with Lolo Jones
Scott Halleran

We have all felt that thrill.

We're watching a sporting event when an athlete suddenly flashes The U. So easy to do. So easy to spot. So uplifting a moment. Canes fans all over the world felt that sudden surge of pride and an instant connection with Lauryn Williams as she flashed The U on national TV after winning an Olympic medal in Russia.

Every time we see that universal sign flash across the screen, it's a moment that instantly bonds us with that athlete.

Living in a foreign country, seeing The U is not something that happens too often. I may be the only person on this island of 13 million that represents The U.

Well, if you can't find them, make them!

As a tennis coach at a high school in southern Japan, I've made it my mission to teach my team how to flash The U. At first the Japanese kids were wondering what the heck they were doing and I could tell they were wondering what their crazy American coach was doing at times, but it has gradually caught on.

The moment they became convinced The U was great was when I posted this picture of Tennis Star Andy Murray standing outside The Schiff flashing The U with Canes Men's head coach Mario Rincon, former Cane, Murray's coach Daniel Vallverdu, and Murray's fitness coach Jez Green.

I now see my tennis team showing the students on the hoops or soccer teams how to flash The U.

It's a thrill to see the U going global!

Since December 2013 I also started a map of where Canes fans are located. I had no idea what to expect or what the response would be but it has been an eye opener. Over 1100 Canes fans have listed where they flash the U and the map continues to grow.

The U truly has become a global phenomenon! And thanks to Olympic medalists or teenagers at a small private school in Japan, it will continue to spread!