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State of the U Podcast: Volume II

The gang from SOTU gets together again to discuss 'Canes in the NFL draft, Hoops resurgence, Spring Position battles, and more.

Seantrel Henderson working hard in Indy.
Seantrel Henderson working hard in Indy.
Joe Robbins

On this week's episode Josh Maser, Cam Underwood,  Mike Grunewald (NovaCane) and I discuss

  • 'Canes at the NFL Combine,
  • Spring Battles,
  • UM players who were steals in the NFL Draft,
  • Canes Hoops,
  • Ray Rice,
  • And the Jim Boeheim fiasco (hilarious segment).

Be sure to check it out:

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Boeheim Video for those interested:

We also ask our listeners/readers to leave a comment below with who they feel was the best ever value pick of a 'Canes player in the NFL Draft.