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The Path to the Storm: JoJo Nicolas, Linebackers and getting a head start on Spring

Check out this weeks news when it comes to Canes, ACC and other national stories. A brief explanation will accompany the link.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


JoJo Nicolas injured in a car accident. Detectives looking into what could have been the cause of tragic the events.

Former Cane Injured in Car Accident []_[] Miami Herald

Wednesday afternoon the tragic news was released to the public that Nicolas had passed due to his injuries.

Former Cane's Safety Dies After Car Accident []_[] Sun Sentinel

Coach L is trying his darndest but sometimes talent trumps coaching. In this case, UVa had both and came out to play Wednesday.

UVa 65, UM 40 []_[] Box Score with game breakdown

Check out the slideshow on how the former Canes did at the NFL Combine.. It's amazing what one year can do for a player. Last time this year Stephen Morris was thought to be  a fringe first round pick due to his last 4-5 games of his Junior year. Now he may be a fringe pick,PERIOD.

Canes Grade Out at Combine []_[] Bleacher Report

Last weekends State of the U podcast posed the question of which position on the team was the most interesting heading into spring ball. The easy answer is QB but check out this article on the Linebacker battle that's about to break out.

Linebacker A Position to Watch at UM []_[] Bleacher Report


Duke starts spring practice in February? Really? Isn't that a TAD bit early?

Spring Practice Schedules Released for ACC []_[] ESPN ACC Blog


I don't care how many jokes people make about Vladimir Putin. Yea, he may be corrupt. Yea, he may rule with an iron fist. Whatever. Dude is a badass.

Putin Does Judo []_[] Youtube