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#ProCanes Interview: Julian Gamble

Former UM stand out (and guest SOTU writer) Julian Gamble talks his pro career in France and much more with

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Courtesy UM

As a key member of St. Vallier’s starting five, Julian Gamble has been one of the team’s most efficient players, shooting a scorching 59 percent from the field. Gamble has hit or surpassed the 20 point mark in three of his last four games since the start of the new year. Even though you are overseas, do you still get a chance to follow @CanesHoops?

Julian Gamble: Yes. I still follow the games and happenings of the team very closely. I am six hours ahead over here, but I've had plenty of nights where I’ve stayed up until 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. to watch the team play. I also sometimes follow their stats from my app. I still feel very connected to the team and program, and talk with my team out here about them all of the time. Through last year's ACC Championship run, how do you think Coach Larrañaga changed the appearance of Canes Hoops?

JG: Coach Larrañaga has changed the face of Miami basketball immensely. The numbers tell the story of how quickly he has been able to have great success at Miami. He has turned Miami basketball into something that people want to be a part of, just looking at the amount of celebrities that have come to games and the crowds that have been drawn in recent years. There is no doubt that Canes Hoops is definitely a force that will be reckoned with for years to come. Shane Larkin is now in the NBA, what's your relationship like with him?

JG: My relationship with Shane is great. I was his roommate for the majority of our road trips throughout his two years at Miami. We spent lots of time together off of the court as well. Seeing the way he has grown and where he is now makes me very proud especially because he worked for every bit of it. I still frequently stay in contact with him, and I plan to see him this summer as well. Are there any former Miami Hurricanes teammates that you still talk to regularly?

JG: I try to keep in contact with as many of my former teammates as possible. I talk to a lot of guys still with the team on a regular basis, as well as most of the guys that I graduated with. Winning the ACC last year created an unbreakable bond between us that we still reminisce on, to this day. What was the most important lesson that you learned from your time as a Miami Hurricane?

JG: The most important lesson I learned during my time at Miami was how to persevere. Throughout the course of my career at Miami, I experienced a wide range of ups and downs. From redshirting my freshman year to finishing last in the conference, to tearing my ACL, to winning the ACC, I finally had the best season of my career during my senior year, when we won the ACC and made it to the Sweet 16. After any of these setbacks, I could have turned my focus away from basketball and said that the sport wasn't for me, but my heart wouldn’t allow me to. I was able to achieve something many people never thought was possible. What is your favorite memory from your time as a Hurricane?

JG: My favorite memory was the ACC championship game by far. The way we went back and forth and came out victorious, was amazing. I still watch that game frequently to this day. It was a special moment for me; playing against a team I loved growing up, in a place where I’m from, and it being my last opportunity to play a game against an ACC opponent. For me, that day will live on forever. Transitioning to your career overseas now. How do you like Europe? More specifically, how's France?

JG: I like Europe a lot. I have constantly been learning about it and the different cultures here. I talk a lot with my veteran teammates about their overseas experiences and try to absorb as much information as possible.

France is great. It’s a beautiful country, and I have had the opportunity to travel around and see some of the cities. As for playing, it is different, but once you get adjusted to the game it comes second nature. There are some rules that are different, most notably the way they call traveling and goaltending. But other than that, there are a lot of good players over here, and this league is not an easy one. Every night is a battle and the teams are very physical. Is there anything else you want to tell the Canes community that we haven't talked about?

JG: I would just like to thank everyone for their continued support during my career. I want to let people know that I will represent the U the best way I can for the rest of my life. The Canes family is like no other and I’m glad to be a part of its great tradition.