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NSD Class of 2014: The All Recruits that Got Away Team

It's that time of year 'Canes fans. To celebrate what we have, but also pine over what we lost.

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First of all let me state unabashedly, that I am in no way, shape, or form disappointed in this year's class. In fact the tweet below from former State of the U Manager Lt. Phillip Nolan most accurately expresses how good this class is.

That being said, we all know that as 'Canes fans we occasionally minimize the good and reflect (harp) on the negative.

Over the years we have seen the Louis Nix's of the world go one and do fantastic things at Notre Dame. We have witnessed Arthur Brown blossom at Kansas State. And do I need even to mention Teddy Bridg... (I just can't finish the thought, the wounds are too fresh) ?

In the same masochistic spirit, let's now take a look at the All "Recruits that got away" Team:

QB: Treon Harris - Before we start I know what you are thinking..... Harris would have never played QB at the next level and really would have had his work cut out for him to even challenge Brad Kaaya. Agree and agree. But wasn't the reason Harris considered Miami late, that they finally agreed to give him a look at QB? List him as an "athlete" if it makes you feel better. Whether he stuck at QB or not, this one stings because of who he is. When your father is Tim "Ice" Harris and your brother is Brandon Harris, you automatically would have looked good throwing up a U on signing day. With his lineage, seeing him in Gainesville the next 4 years is not going to be pleasant.

RB Dalvin Cook - Having his Miami Central teammate Joe Yearby on board helps nullify the hurt of Cook heading to Tallahassee. But man oh man, when the rumors were spreading that Cook was seriously considering UM, Miami fans had visions of Duke Johnson, Cook, and Yeaby forming a trifecta as potent as the McGahee, Portis, and Gore backfield of UM's early 2000 glory days all over again. Hey at least we have his high scoring brother on the hoops team (Deandre Burnett) ready to roll next season.

WR Travis Rudolph and Ermon Lane - Lane heads to FSU with his new BFF Cook, in what could be one of the better WR/RB duos for years to come. Rudolph is also headed to Seminoles country, and looks to be one of the true underrated prospects of this class. On the plus side the Canes have no shortage of weapons of their own, on the negative side good luck covering either of these guys the next few years.

OL Reilly Gibbons - Miami's offensive line class is just fine with Trevor Darling and KC McDermott leading the way. What gives Gibbons this spot is the odd manor in which he left UM. Gibbons verbally committed to UM way back in April 13 and there was no a shred of evidence or rumor that he would end up anyplace else. All of sudden, just 2 days before NSD he flips to Stanford. According to his father, academics was the reason. Hard to argue considering Stanford's reputation (though Miami is no slouch). Nonetheless the timing was very bizarre.

DE Lorenzo Featherston - Up until the moment he signed his LOI with FSU, there was still hope he would head to Coral Gables. Miami got the better prospect in Chad Thomas, so this one we can live with. But can you ever really have too many super athletic edge rushers?

DT Travonte Valentine - A name what will certainly live in infamy if he lives up to the hype and becomes a force at LSU. Valentine, as it has well been documented, originally committed to Louisville, then Florida, then Miami. Finally and very anti-climatically he made it official he was headed to Baton Rouge on NSD in a move that many anticipated for months. For more on his strange journey read here.

DB JC Jackson - There was a lot of smoke leading up to NSD that the 4 star CB from Immokalee would end up a Hurricane, but alas come Wednesday no fire. The lure of the SEC ended up ending up being too much to flip a player that many think could have a big impact as an instant freshman.

And there you have it 'Canes fans, it now NOW officially time to move on. We wish all of these young men the best as they start their careers at other Universities.