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Spring Practice Resumes: Al Golden Video plus more Updates

UM putting in work. Plus a Hunter Knighton update from AG. And a big day for Kevin Olsen.

Joel Auerbach

Al Golden addressed the media post practice, full video below:

From around the social media world, here are additional updates:

Work being done.

The QB job might not be Ryan Williams' just yet.

Kicking game (placekicking) should not be a concern this season:

That's a whole lot of defensive talent:

More images from Spring Practice:

The DBs must have been doing work?!

Miami's next two spring football practices will be Thursday and Saturday at 9 am. Both open to the public. If you don't have to work and you are in the 305, be sure to check them out.

SOTU will have live coverage on Thursday, so be sure to check back for updates.