Ryan Williams or Kevin Olsen?

I would just like to spark up this debate on which quarterback should start because for some reason, I am just not comfortable with Ryan Williams being the quarterback and leader of this team. Of course, if he TRULY out plays Kevin Olsen, and Kaaya for that matter, overall throughout all the remaining practices, then I understand giving him the start opening day. However, if the play of Ryan Williams and Kevin Olsen is just about equal and they both thrive in practices and scrimmages, I would give the nod to Kevin Olsen. There is just something about Ryan Williams that I am not comfortable with. Okay, yes he does well in practice, he has accuracy and seems pretty level headed, but I just do not see him as the starting quarterback at the UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI. He was a 2 star prospect out of high school (I know we should ignore the high school rankings but still...cmon). He does not have a big arm and he does not make big plays. Finally, his personality just does not seem right to take on the quarterback responsibility of leading this team.

On the other hand, Kevin Olsen was highly recruited out of high school and has a redshirted year under his belt so he is not fresh out of high school and he has experience with the offense. Although he may have had some immature moments last season, he clearly has put that behind him and is focused. His charisma seems so much more fitting than Ryan Williams' in my eyes as well. He speaks well and with confidence, as opposed to Ryan Williams to be quite honest. And in turn he would bring more swag, confidence, and leadership to the offense. And to top it all off, Olsen is possibly our quarterback of the future! (I say "possibly" because of the Brad Kaaya hype). We should get him going just like FSU did with Jameis.

I understand this quarterback battle is and will be close up until the game against Louisville and I will trust the coaches on whomever they chose to start. I just hope the coaches do not give Williams the start because of the whole "more experienced and mature" facet of his game. If the quarterback position battle is and truly continues to be tight, I believe Kevin Olsen should get the start because of the reasons I previously addressed.

Please let me know what you guys think because I would love to hear what my fellow canes fans have to say on this topic.

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