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'Canes to replace Sebastian as Mascot??

In an SOTU exclusive we learned that the lovable Ibis may be replaced by a bird of prey?

Mike Ehrmann

Sebastian the Ibis,  Miami's unofficial mascot since 1926, is apparently on his way out......

Lest we for get why Sebastian was chosen in the first place:

The Ibis is known for its bravery as a hurricane approaches. Folklore maintains that other birds look to the Ibis for leadership. The Ibis uses its instinct to detect danger. It is the last sign of wildlife to take shelter before a hurricane hits, giving warning that danger is imminent. As the storm passes the Ibis is the first to reappear, a sign that clear skies are approaching.

But rumors are circulating that UM will now go to a more modern, vicious looking mascot........

Perhaps a Mighty Osprey?

Oh and by the way,


As if Sebastian would ever go anywhere.....