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Miami Spring Practice News and Notes: Thursday 04/10

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The Spring Game is this weekend, and the 'Canes look to sharpen their skills.

All week long the big news has been the QB position, but the team itself has a lot of work to do across the board.

The QB's did come out firing:

One QB's accomplished brother is clearly psyched:

But Olsen is guaranteed a starting spot just yet, injured Ryan Williams could even return sooner than most expected:

And not all of the passes were sharp today, apparently:

And this.........

But still some good......

In non QB news, a surprisingly low # of defensive players wore black jerseys today, usually reserved for top performers:

Things got feisty!

Some not so good injury news:

That's the big news from practice, more updates when they are available. Do not forget the big news for tonight as 3 'Canes will be inducted into the Miami Hall of Fame tonight.