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Path to the Storm: Lewis, Spring Game and Godzilla

The purpose of this segment is to bring attention to the developments of our foes around the ACC, accompanied by appearances from our rivals and other top programs. If you are able to find anything else pertaining to the league that I failed to include please post the source in the comments section.

Joel Auerbach


Torretta Compares Kevin Olsen to Kyle Wright (sort of) []_[] Miami Herald

Former Cane Gino Torretta was asked what he thought of the Canes current QB situation and he didn't hold back. He didn't give a truly damning review of Olsen, he simply said all the athletic ability is on display in practice and we will all just have to see if it translates to game day.

Spring Practice Wraps Up Before Spring Game []_[] Sun Sentinel

Probably a poor title but.. The "Spring Game" is going to be offense verse defense. Not two teams suiting up like we've seen in the past. One interesting tidbit taken out of this article is it looks lie Trayon Gray will be making it into this recruiting class. Many have speculated his grades were not good enough to meet academic standards. He will practice as a running back (athlete in highschool) if/when enrolled.

Malcolm Lewis Returning to Form for Canes []_[] Miami Herald

I openly questioned playing Malcolm Lewis last season due to him having to rehab his injured ankle. It looks like last season he wasn't playing close to 100% and now after two plus years of rehab it looks like he's back to his former self.

Wide Receiver No Longer Interested in UM []_[] Sun Sentinel

This is a pretty bizarre and sad situation to explain. Trevill Holcy is a tall, talented wide out from the Central Florida area and he believed he was given an offer by UM so he readily accepted it and promptly went out and bought Canes gear from the local Nike store.. Well, Hurlie Brown called him up and said the offer wasn't on the table (was it ever??) and now Holcy is looking at other options for his college career. The other schools showing interest in him are: UCF, Kentucky, Ole Miss and Memphis.

Jacksonville Jaguars Scouting Stephen Morris []_[] Fansided

It didn't take a rocket scientist to see this one coming. Jedd Fisch, the former UM Offensive Coordinator and now current Offensive Coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars is taking an interested in the strong armed QB from Miami. Morris' most successful stint for the Canes was under Fisch's tutelage.

Reader Comments to ACC Writers at ESPN []_[] ACC Blog on ESPN

Andrea Adelson defends Heather Dinish's view on Kevin Olsen and his potential in the Miami offense next season.

Preview of Spring Game []_[] Bleacher Report

Items discussed: Spring Game format, QB Battle (of course), Linebacker depth and Safety depth.


Actual Seminole walking on at FSU []_[] ACC Blog on ESPN

Justin Motlow will be the first Seminole Indian to hopefully be on College Football team that is named after his Tribe. He's a preferred walk on so we'll have to see what happens.


Fantasy Baseball: Who's HOT and Who's NOT []_[] Fox Sports

In a heated battle this week or for that matter the last two weeks? Check out this slideshow to see who has come out roaring in April to start the season. On the other side of the coin, who's sputtering?

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