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Renewed Jerseys are unveiled

Check out the new batch of jerseys, along with some reaction from the twitterverse.

The #Renewed uniforms.
The #Renewed uniforms.

At the #UNite spring game and event, the new Nike uniforms for the football team were released. For the best view of them, you can go to the Renewed Identity site

Here they are (all photos from the Nike website):









To all that are up in arms, about the new helmets, the classic "U" helmet (without the Ibis image) will be in the rotation. So, there are 48 combinations, with 3 helmets, 4 tops, and 4 bottoms. Black cleats and black socks will be constant for every game.

And now, for some reactions from the twitterverse:

An interesting note from Sr. Associate AD Chris Freet

So, mixed reaction, but mostly positive.

And, for those wondering, the new jerseys will be on sale this summer. The date July 1st has been bandied about on twitter for some time, but the only response I saw to that direct question was "this summer". So, stay tuned for that.

Those are the uniforms and some reactions. What are yours, Canes fam?