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Swoope Officially Declares for NFL Draft

6'5 220 pound forward to take a shot at the gridiron.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we learned that the Denver Broncos came to UM and worked out Swoope.

Well it must have gone reasonably well.

Looking to follow the footsteps of former UM Hoops player and current NFL ALL Pro Jimmy Graham, Swoope officially declared for the NFL Draft today:

Interestingly, had he not worked out with the Broncos last week,he could have joined hoops teammate Raphael Akpejori and tried out for UM.

But having had contact with a pro team effectively ends his college career.

Unlike Akpejori who at 6-9 240 seems like a long shot to make waves on the gridiron, this seems to make a LOT of sense.

Swoope is ideal size for a WR/TE/H-Back at 6'5 220.

And he has speed and athleticism to burn.

When we interviewed him nearly two years back, he enlightened us to the fact that he once beat Shane Larkin in a sprint.

Lest we remind you, Shane Larkin was the fastest player in the NBA Draft Combine last summer.

Yeah, Swoope is that fast. Here's a closer look at his athleticism (Jordana Levinson):

Good luck Erik!