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Path to the Storm: Stadium Update, Kosar Canned and Crabs

The purpose of this segment is to bring attention to the developments of our foes around the ACC, accompanied by appearances from our rivals and other top programs. If you are able to find anything else pertaining to the league that I failed to include please post the source in the comments section.

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MLS and UM Stadium Update []_[] Miami Herald

Everyone is clamoring for UM to get a new stadium. Whether it be closer to campus or just a smaller venue so that the games could be more intimidating for visiting teams; many are in agreement that Sun Life is just not a great fit for the Canes. Now step in David Beckham and his possible stadium deal at PortMiami. More financial wrangling and even an initial offer would have to be made by MLS to UM about moving forward but there are obstacles. Mainly the fact that UM has an eternity (15+ years left) on their lease to play at SLS. As the news comes, we at State of the U will keep you updated.

Bernie Kosar Removed from Preseason Commentating for Cleveland Browns Games []_[] Sun Sentinel

There's really a long list of possibilities for why this happened. Was it because of his speach impediment that he says was caused by the concussions he suffered in the NFL? Or is it possibly because he said that he wasn't looking forward to watching Kellen Clemens get mop up duty in one of the preseason games, on air... Whatever the reason, the Browns let Kosar walk. All I can say is good luck to him and I hope he can find something he enjoys to do in the not so distant future!

Programs on the Rise Post Spring Ball []_[] Bleacher Report

This article is purely based on recruiting. Miami did well during the spring period bringing in a top flight running back, an athlete who may translate to a safety and a few other standout players. If they were measuring the onfield play however, that could be another story..

Grading Miami's Two Deep Post Spring Practice []_[] Bleacher Report

The one interesting fact I got out of this slideshow was that UM brought in a former Gator as a transfer to be the punter. Didn't know that piece of information but hey, if he can boot it, by all means get on out there! Overall the only rankings I have a "bone to pick" would be the running backs and the defensive backs which both received "A" Grades. Now, I wasn't at the practice so I'll have to cede that argument but until the real games start happening and the action gets going I'm not giving anyone in our secondary an "A" grade. I have to see it to believe it.

ACC News

Coach Paul Johnson and Jon Barry Win Chick Fil-A Bowl Golf Tournament for 3rd Straight Year []_[] Twitter Post

If i'm not mistaken, Coach Golden won this in his first season as our Coach. Looks like the Yellow Jackets have had a strangle hold when it comes to this aspect of the rivalry. Hey, I'll take a win on a saturday over a win in a preseason golf tournament any day!

Morgan Moses Stock is on Upswing Predraft []_[] ESPN ACC Blog

It seems like a broken record at this point. An offensive lineman is a solid to above average player at UVa and then once draft time rolls around he shoots up the draft boards and suddenly becomes a lock down/cornerstone player for the franchise that selects him. Now, if he only played that way when he was in Charlottesvile...

Who Owns the State of Florida in Recruiting? []_[] ACC

Here's a brief article on the top 40 players who have signed in the state from 2010 until now (i.e the 2014 class). Miami comes in at a distant, DISTANT third place but does it really matter? The Gators have snagged a higher amount of top players based on this list but you could see in the very near future a coaching change and with that players going else where. We shall have to see how the next 4-5 year span plays out..

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