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Postmortem of the Draft and UM

The draft just ended and it's time to turn our attention to how we should start viewing this Program and the Coach Staff. Should we really be perturbed with how the team performed last year? Based on the post draft results the answer is a resounding "no."

Joel Auerbach

As you all know, three Canes were drafted in the last two days, none in the first round. Brandon Linder went in the third round, Pat O'Donnell in the sixth and Seantrel Henderson in the seventh. We still have a handful of guys out there signing undrafted free agent contracts like Stephen Morris and Allen Hurns both going to reunite with former Cane Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch but let the above news sink in for a bit.. The storied program of the University of Miami had just three players selected in all 7 rounds of the NFL Draft, about 250 to 270 selections in total.

Now, there are many ways to ponder this news and I personally take the possible "glass is half full approach" in the sense that you really get a feel of what current coach Al Golden had to truly work with the last few years as the Head Coach of the team. We went 9-4 last year and got blown out in a bowl game (hide the tape to never watch again, please) to a Louisville team that not only had more than three players drafted but had THREE PLAYERS DRAFTED IN THE FIRST ROUND ALONE. If you're interested in knowing, Calvin Pryor went 18th to the Jets, Marcus Smith went to the Eagles at pick 26 and of course Teddy Bridgewater was selected as the last pick in the first round by the Vikings.

Many have criticized certain aspects of the way Canes coaching staff have prepared the unit as a whole especially the defensive side of the team due to the poor tackling and constantly blowing assignments but when you have really under performing/executing talent.. How are you supposed to get players to execute if they simply aren't talented enough to do so?

I know the above thought process opens a proverbial can of worms in the sense of the "player development" and the "game day preparation" arguments for this team but I stand by the words above.. You need talent to play with the big boys across the country and UM last year simply didn't have NFL ready talent. Strong words to say and I don't like to be typing it right now but it's the reality of the Program as a whole.