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On Cinco de Mayo: 5 Things I want to See This Year

Happy Cinco De Mayo! On the fifth day of the fifth month of the year I give you 5 wishes for the remainder of the year in 'Canes Sports.


Like most of you, I wish that this holiday has fallen on a weekend.

Because in addition to being a wonderful holiday that celebrates Mexican Independence and Heritage, it is also traditionally one of partying and drinking (for me at least anyways).

But since there will be no shots or beers for me today, I will rejoice the next best way I know how, with a Miami Sports wish list:

The #1 thing I want to see this fall is a healthy Duke Johnson.

An improved defense and a trip to Charlotte for the ACCCG are not far behind. However there is nothing I would rather see this year than #8 playing a full season in orange and green. First and foremost, there is no player on the roster who I feel means more to the confidence and success on the team. If Duke is healthy, it goes a long way to the bigger goals of the team. Less importantly however and simply from an aesthetic standpoint, Miami is much more fun to watch when DJ is on the field and 100%.   Let's hope last season was the exception and not a trend.

#2: Beat FSU somehow, someway.

If UM somehow went 1-11 and the lone victory was against the Seminoles, I would..... not be happy.  Let's be realistic folks. Well maybe I'd be ecstatic for one weekend. However, Miami should be able to navigate through the rest of the schedule with a modicum of success, but no doubt the 11/15 home date against the BCS Defending National Champions (I can hardly type that with out dry heaving) will have a little extra meaning. Trick plays on offense, blitz on every down, dress the cheerleaders on crab costumes to distract Jameis!  I don't care how, do whatever it takes!  It's been too long!!

The third thing I would love to happen, is for Miami Basketball to find a BIG to compliment their very talented wings and guards.

The coaching staff has searched far and wide for the one missing ingredient for what could be a special team. MJ Rhett, Jon Horford, and most recently Keith Thomas are all players 6'8 or bigger who have all recently spurned the 'Canes. Houston transfer TaShawn Thomas visited last week, and he may be the best of the bunch. Cross your fingers. If Miami can just find one more decent big man, the rest of a very deep ACC will have an extremely deep Hurricanes team to deal with.

Numero Cuatro, 'Miami Baseball MUST get to Omaha.

The Hurricanes have won 6 straight series and 21 of 23 games. They are ranked in the top ten in all of the major polls. They also are ahead of #1 ranked Virginia in the ACC standings.  This is a talented team.  They may not be an offensive juggernaut, but Willie Abreu, Zack Collins, Tyler Palmer, and Dale Carey have been clutch.  On the mound, Chris Diaz has been unbeatable and leads a deep and well rounded rotation.  It's time to get back to the CWS!

Last but not least on my wishlist is for "Miami's QB of the Future" to emerge.

Before I get to that, let's hope that Ryan Williams recuperates in time to make the most of his senior season. He's worked hard, waited patiently,  and likely gives UM its' best chance to win. But in the meantime, while he rehabilitates there is a golden opportunity for either Kevin Olsen (despite an uneven spring, particularly the UNite Game) and Brad Kaaya (once he gets on campus) to put their best feet forward and emerge as the favorite to be the starter next year and for years to come. Both are freshmen (albeit Olsen a RS) and it would be sooooo nice to have a spectacular and stable option at the most important position on the field for the next 3 or so years!

I hope everyone enjoyed the list,  Happy Cinco de Mayo 'Canes Fans!