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Olsen, Portis, Wynn, to Host Draft Party

Fans can tweet players during, and can watch live.

ACC Digital
ACC Digital

Courtesy ACC Digital Network

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - Charlotte, N.C.: On Thursday, beginning at 8:00pm ET, in conjunction with the NFL Draft, the ACC Digital Network brought to you by Ruby Tuesday is providing unique coverage by allowing fans to tune in to a private Players Draft Party.  Top former NFL draftees Clinton Portis and Renaldo Wynn, along with current Carolina Panthers TE Greg Olsen will be joining ACCDN host, Jeff Fischel, to hang out and watch the draft from a local loft apartment with the cameras on.   By tuning in to, fans watching will be listening into their conversations, and will have a chance to chat directly with these professional athletes through twitter by using the hashtag, #theACCDN.  The pros will talk about everything from the impact the player will make on the NFL team that drafted them to the suit the player chooses to wear on Draft night.

Fans are encouraged to follow @theACCDN on Twitter and direct questions to the players Twitter handles to get a glimpse of the NFL Draft through the eyes of an athlete.

Clinton Portis (@TheRealC_Portis): 2nd Round, 51st overall - Denver Broncos, 2002

Renaldo Wynn (@RenaldoWynn): 1st Round, 21st overall - Jacksonville Jaguars, 1997

Greg Olsen ( @GregOlsen82): 1st Round, 31st overall - Chicago Bears, 2007

Jeff Fischel (@JeffFischel):  ACCDN Host, ACC Football Expert, 2012