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HOT TAKEOUT TAKES: Supplying food names to the 2014 Miami Hurricanes

The offseason is long and humdrum, but we must endure.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Cleanse your palate and feast your eyes on the bountiful harvest of Moons-over-Miami you are to receive. With help from fans like you, and inspired by a David Kenyon tweet, we have styled every (mostly everybody) student-athlete on the Miami Hurricanes roster with food names. Bon appétit!

Chive Walford (@JNGerhart)
Tilapia Darling
Ray Lewis Thrice-Baked Potatoes
Joseph Yiros
Olsen Briere (@CaneSwagger01)
Chad Turducken
Artie Bangers & Mash
Stacy Coleslaw (@JayElectricity)
Standish Doughboy (@JayElectricity)
Okra Pierre
Kevin Oysters Rockefeller
Joshua Bacon (for convenience)
JaWand Blue Cheese (@CaneSwagger01)
Erik Flours (@JNGerhart)
Cap'n Crunch Berrios

Sunny "Side-Up" Odogwu
Ganache Edwards
Dallas Crawfish (@Kenyon19_BR)
Gray Croquetas (@CaneSwagger01)
Jamal Kebob
Deon Bush's Beans (@JNGerhart)
Tracy Haggis
Matt Gouda (@CaneSwagger01)
Bran Kaaya (@JNGerhart)
Nick Lindor (@Kenyon19_BR)
Tyre Brioche
Raphael AkpejOREOS (@CaneSwagger01)
Nantambu-Akil Filet Mignon
Tyriq McRoyal with Cheese
Alex Fondue
Jermaine Glaze (@CaneSwagger01)
Beau Sandland's Sandwich Shop of Handsomeness and Complete Disregard for Your Health
Papaya Dorsett
Rice-A-Roni Williams

Have any other tasteful namings for this batch of Canes? Paste them in the comments section. Oh, and, gifs and photoshops are not required, though very welcome.