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Miami Baseball Shut Out 4-0 in Regional Final, Season Over

UM tallies just three hits as Texas Tech advances to the Super Regional.


After managing to go nearly the entire season with out being shut out, the 'Canes managed to go scoreless twice in their own regional and fell one game short of advancing in the NCAA Tournament.

It is a disappointing end to a season that started slow (13-12 at one point) but picked up (14 game winning streak) and ended up with the 'Canes finishing the regular season with the best record in the ACC.

But despite making it to their record 42nd consecutive postseason, they remain on the outside looking in at Omaha since their last appearance in 2008.

Red Raiders lefty starter Cameron Smith handcuffed Miami all game long, despite just 3 K's and 5 BB's.

Hurricanes spot starter Derik Beauprez was effective in 4 innings work, but the bullpen surrendered 2 key 7th inning runs and the offense just couldn't get going.

And with that the season was over, just like that.

As for the future.....

The roster is sure to have some turn over with several players looking to go pro, and a bunch of top prospects coming on.

Whatever the make up of the team Miami fans are surely hoping that perhaps next year's team brings the same energy and success to the regular season but saves a little something extra for the postseason.