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State of the U Catches up with Jack Allison

2016 stud QB prospect and UM verbal commit gives us the scoop on his decision process, his game on the field, and how firm he is committed to Miami.

Last night, we reported the verbal commitment of  6'5 200 pound Palmetto H.S. star QB Jack Allison, the #4  ranked QB nationally in the class of 2016 by 24/7.

Here's a look at some of the work he put in last spring:

'Canes fans and pundits alike were impressed with the young man immediately.

Today we got a chance to catch up with the young man and get to know him a little better.

Here is the full Q&A:

SOTU: Jack, first of all congratulations on your verbal commitment to the University of Miami.  What made you pick UM and what made you decide now?

JA: I went back a couple of weeks ago and after the first camp I really liked Coach Coley and Coach Golden. They are just really good guys, and the program as a whole is really awesome. And then I went back this past weekend and I felt really good about it.  After the camp my family and I prayed about it and we just felt it was a great time to go with it now.

SOTU: There are still a lot of schools that will continue recruiting you, on a 1-10 how solid would you say your commitment to Miami is?

JA: 10, 10. Maybe a 20!

SOTU: Do you still plan on taking visits to other schools down the line?

JA:  I haven't even thought about it to be honest. I might, I might not.  I am not sure at this time.

SOTU: Being from nearby Palmetto H.S. did the proximity to campus play any role in your decision?

JA: I wouldn't mind going out of state or to another place, but it just so happened that the place for me was Miami. UM is the perfect school for me and it is just convenient that it is close.

SOTU: Let's talk about your game some. What aspects do you feel you need to improve upon?

JA:  Maybe being a better leader and being more vocal with my teammates, and also getting a little faster.

SOTU: What are your greatest assets as a player?

JA: My knowledge and feel of the game. And then also my accuracy as a passer.

SOTU:  Are there any other players in South Florida you plan to help recruit to UM?

JA: There are a bunch but I would rather not name them by name at this time. I definitely have a few in mind though.

SOTU: What message would you give to the Hurricanes fans out there?

JA: I am very excited to get on campus and be a part of the family. And also win a lot of football games!

SOTU: Is there anyone in college or the NFL you model your game after?

JA: I don't model my game after anyone. I am just focused on being the best Jack Allison that I can be.

We can't thank Jack enough for letting us catch up with him.   Best of luck to the young man over the next 2 seasons at Palmetto.

You can follow him on twitter @Jackof2016.

And once again,

Welcome to the U!!!