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Well, this sucks.


This this is tough. This fall, I'll be taking my talents down to FanSided and join

I really don't like LeBron, which is perfect for this because I really hate having to leave SOTU, but I've decided to take on the opportunity to run the 'Canes site over at FanSided. I've been writing here for about a year and a half now and I've done waaaay more than I expected to. I spoke to Allan Houston at a UM hoops game, which was sick. I witnessed the Canes being crowned ACC regular-season champions from press row, and I've met extraordinary people along the way. The people here at SOTU are amazing writers, and somehow, even better people.

Except for Cam, he's an ass.

I want to thank John (Lt. Phillip Nolan) for bringing me on board with basically no writing experience, which was cool. He immediately gave me freedom to do my thing and I gained some confidence because of that. He even left the site after I made it onto ESPN. Love you too, John.

Also, a huge thanks to Jerry, who is like a big brother to me and I know we're always going to be tight, even if my website is going to be better (probably not) but I'll try my best. Brother for life. And also to Josh Kaufman (not the winner of the voice) for showing me the ropes when I didn't even know where the media room at the BUC was. Also, my bro Mike Seay, UM in the morning would have been terrible without you. And then there's Cam..

Besides him constantly screaming at me on twitter, I've learned a lot from this guy and he had my back when I needed to post a breaking recruiting story. I don't know what I'm going to do if that happens again.. Oh, and he says he hates me, but he took me out on a lunch date ;)

I also want to thank the UM staff for helping myself, and all of us here at SOTU and I really hope the hurricanesports twitter account doesn't stop loving me for this.

But seriously, this is getting longer than any of my actual posts and I'm not even that important, but I just want all of you guys to keep reading all the stuff here at SOTU, because it really doesn't get any better than this and they work extremely hard. You could also check me out at once it's up (already stealing your traffic, Jerry.)

Oh and thanks to all of you for reading all of our stuff, and this ridiculously long FanPost. You're extremely appreciated.