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WELCOME TO THE U: 4 Star Wide Receiver Dedrick Snelson Picks Miami

Miami continues to blaze a fiery recruiting path through the state of Florida

Newest 2016 Commit Dedrick Snelson
Newest 2016 Commit Dedrick Snelson

Guess who's back, back again. Nolan's back, tell a friend. Well, almost. I'm just here to pick up the mess that Cam and Jer-Bear left all over the floor by being on vacay during a big ole recruit announcement. CAN I GET A SMH. I digress.

Miami has been absolutely insane on the way-to-early 2016 recruiting trail, and although there's a long, long way until the NSD for these kids, this is awesome. With early recruits, perception is the main payoff, and the class that this staff has assembled early is far and away the number one class in the nation, let alone in the ACC. It seems, through hard work, selfies, and a few key assistant hires, Golden & Co have finally got a handle on how to recruit the Florida hotbed.

Just a few days after landing top 2016 receiver Sam Bruce (and his 2015 BFF Jordan Scarlett), Miami has once again struck wide receiver gold in landing consensus 4 star American Heritage wideout Dedrick Snelson.

He chose Miami over offers from Louisville, Clemson, FSU, and Southern Cal, among others. Being a consensus 4 star kid, he's highly thought of by every recruiting service, but perhaps none more so than ESPN, who has him as the number 2 WR nationally. As I'm sure you may have realized, Snelson is one of the layers who gets to catch passes from Cane target Torrance Gibson. Whether or not his commitment will have any impact on Gibson in the way of Miami remains to be seen, but it certainly couldn't hurt.

Check out his highlights: Only Good Plays, No Bad Ones

Snelson joins the above mentioned Sam Bruce and Dionte Mullins as Miami's 2016 wide receiver corps. While it is still early, building a top ranked group of recruits early that will be able to visit together, play against each other, and get to know each other will go a long way towards making sure they sign where it counts. So here's hoping, and as always,