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Starting From Scratch: The 2011 Recruiting Class Part 2

When the NCAA Violations were looming over the University of Miami the Program needed to find the best talent available that could come in and play right away. In this series we've been looking at the top "rated" players of the 2011 class. Now we set our sites to the middle tier guys. Who stayed? Who went? Check it out below!

Parryman leads the way for the 2011 Recruiting Class but who else has made an impact?
Parryman leads the way for the 2011 Recruiting Class but who else has made an impact?
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Opening Thoughts Based on Part 1

If you missed part one please see link HERE. In a nutshell though, the top 6 were very much a "hit or miss" type of group. There were guys that have had varying impacts every year on campus like Anthony Chickillo and Phillip Dorsett. We've also had guys that left little to no marks in the Miami record books like Kevin Grooms and Jalen Grimble. How is the second group of 6 from the class of 2011? Let's get started!

Denzel Perryman, Sr., #28 LB, Coral Gables Florida, ***

Perryman was very much a highly regarded recruit coming out of high school. He was only rated a three star by the popular recruiting sites but he had offers from Alabama, LSU and the other highly rated colleges. A possible reason he was rated lower than others was his height, barely over 6 feet tall.

However, since coming to Miami he's done nothing but impress. In his freshman season he progressed from coming off the bench to eventually starting the last few games. In his sophomore season he had issues staying healthy but in his junior year he received praise from national critics by tallying 108 total tackles and leading the defense. Many thought he would leave for the NFL but he decided to stay and is now a nationally recognized player garnering lots of preseason awards before the 2014-2015 season. Pretty good career for a three star that was too short, aye?

(graphic language present in video)

Olsen Pierre, Sr., POSTGRAD, Rahway New Jersey, ***

Pierre actually graduated from high school and was an all-state player in New Jersey in 2010 but decided to head to Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA for short) to boost his grades. When at FUMA he had a banner year registering 12 sacks so Coach Golden quickly scooped him up for the class of 2011.

Since getting to campus his defensive statistics have incrementally gotten better each year. His total tackles have gone from 4 to 27 and last year he registered 33 in the trenches. Not bad for an interior lineman. Also, last season he started 12 of the 13 games.

I'd say Pierre has been a solid contributor to the defensive line rotation. Has he blown us away with 5-8 sack seasons? No, not by a long shot but he has come in an contributed to the defensive line rotation and looks to see even more action this coming season.

Thomas Finnie, Sr., #29 CB, Miami Florida, ***

Even though we had one impressive, lasting legacy type player in Parryman and one of his solid yet unspectacular teammates in Pierre we unfortunately have our first transfer in this recruiting class section in Thomas Finnie. Rated as a three star coming out of high school Finnie was thought of as a really good get by the Golden regime because he was from one of the local power house high schools in the area (Miami Central). However, he came with a checkered past because he had already had run-ins with the law.

During his two years at UM he was a regular contributor in the secondary. He started the first six games of his sophomore season and was a top rotation player throughout the season. However, he couldn't stay out of trouble at Miami and after his second suspension for stealing a laptop he and the coaching staff decided it was in both parties' best interests to part ways. He has since enrolled at Bethune-Cookman and has been a contributor to their secondary. He didn't start last season but could possibly do so in his senior season coming up.

Rashawn Scott, Sr., #92 WR, Melbourne Florida, ***

Scott has been a really tough player to evaluate over the last 4+ seasons. In high school he was "Mr. Everything" for his team (Central Catholic) playing quarterback, wide receiver, running back and also safety while totaling 31 touchdowns his senior year. In his freshman and junior season he was injury plagued and only appeared in roughly half the contests (played in 10 of 24 games). However, in his sophomore season he was second on the team in receiving with 512 yards and also had three touchdowns.

With Miami having one of arguably the deepest stables of receivers in the nation this season Scott looks to be in the mix for ample playing time. Will he be a full time starter? It's hard to tell right now because of the great talent surrounding him. Assuming he can stay healthy and out of trouble though, he could be a player that could get draft consideration come April 2015.

Matt Goudis, RS Jr., #18 K, West Hills California, ***

As we start moving our way down the list I'm beginning to see guys that have started to either just break in with the team when it comes to actual in-game experience or are flatly not on the team and have made no lasting impact..

Goudis is in the category of "just starting to get game action." His redshirt freshman season he only saw mop up duty and was inserted into the game in one case because Dalton Botts, the punter at the time, got injured. He started as the full time field goal kicker last season and finished the year with solid yet unspectacular numbers: 76.5% made field goals and a long of 49.

This upcoming year could be very interesting when it comes to the Canes and their special teams unit. Goudis could very well not play, period. UM has brought in a kicker that was top 5 in the country two years ago in high school but spent a season at FUMA named Michael Badgley and they also got transfer student Justin Vogel from the University of Florida to walk on and compete at punter. Stay tuned Canes fans.

Ricardo Williams, RS Jr., #102 DE, Homestead Florida

When looking at Williams' measurable I don't get it; just putting it flatly. When he came to UM he had the height (6'4") but not the weight to compete at LB/DE (210 lbs.). Due to the weight concerns he redshirted his first season on campus. In his redshirt freshman season he played in one game but did not start. Before his sophomore season he decided to transfer from Miami to Marshall. Many felt it was due to possibly playing time concerns.

This season Williams is looking to be a key cog in the defensive line for the Thunder Herd and possibly get in the starting rotation. From all accounts he's had a great attitude even though he spent all of his first season on scout team due to the NCAA transfer rules and he really wants to make his playing time count heading into the 2014-2015 season.


If you read the last piece on the 2011 recruiting class then you're familiar with the Kevin Grooms story. He was a top rated running back out of the South Florida area that was signed and ready to go to UM but he didn't have the grades to qualify. He had two choices. 1) head the JUCO/Post Graduate route or 2) go to a school where he could academically qualify. He chose Marshall. During his time there he made positive headlines by being awarded the offensive freshman of the year for Conference USA but he also made several negative headlines for the Thundering Herd. Specifically having multiple run-ins with law enforcement.

As I write this piece up this morning (7.26.14) it has been reported that he has officially been kicked off the team for yet another crime. This time for breaking into someone's house and trying to rob them. The arrest is his third in a little less than a year and a half time span.

Final Thoughts on Section 2 of the 2011 Recruiting Class

It may just be me but is anyone else getting an empty feeling when looking over the group of 6 above? Yes, we have Perryman and Scott mixed in there but it just seems like too many "misses" in the class. Not enough impact players. I'm not saying we need tons or wide outs and running backs in a class to make is an effective class. Heck, even depth players would be good for the team! It just seems like there have been too many misses so far. Too many guys transferring or flat out getting kicked off the team. I don't research other teams classes because I really only care about UM but this trend really needs to stop if the team wants to be more successful in the program building department..