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Canes Hoops: Day One Practice Notes

Canes Basketball hit the court for the first time this season in fast paced practice.

Streeter Lecka

New year, new players, fresh start. Miami Basketball was back in action on Tuesday in day one of practice. The team started off with a quick huddle in the middle of the court and separated.

1)Shooting Drills

Manu Lecomte (front of your screen) has gotten significantly bigger and faster since last season. "He's gotten a lot better on the ball and off the ball," said Coach Larranaga post practice. "He's a lot faster and a lot stronger." Lecomte was Belgium's leader in this year's FIBA U20 European Championships.

2) Individual Shooting Drills

Deandre Burnett will be crucial in the UM's success this year. His ability to create his own shot will work wonders for a team that struggled offensively last season.

3) Coach L and Forward Joe Thomas

The fifth year senior from Niagara University will  provide some much needed experience on the front court. He reunites with his high school teammate from Miami Krop, Angel Rodriguez.

4) Coach L with probable starters

It seems as if Larranaga wants a starting lineup of Angel Rodriguez, Sheldon McClellan, Tonye Jekiri, Davon Reed and Deandre Burnett.

5) Upset Coach

Unfortunately, Coach L seemed upset with the way the team (especially the first team) practiced today. "Today felt like a loss," said Larranaga immediately following the scrimmage.

6) Fast Paced

The intensity and fast paced nature of the practice should excite fans. Speed will make up for the lack of height on this team.

**Following this drill, I overheard Rodriguez tell his teammates "I don't know about you man, but I am tired...I'm out of shape," he said jokingly.

7) Charging drill

The floor slap is back!!! Larranaga clearly wants the team to be as vocal as possible on defense.

8) First Team Loss (Davon Reed three pointer below)

Throughout the scrimmage, the first team played sloppy. However, although upset, Coach L said it was a matter of day one sluggishness.

**Davon Reed was the vocal leader for the first team. While the minutes dwindled down, Reed engaged with his teammates reminding them that they were still in it.


Coach L gave some comments on the international diversity of his team.


- Ivan Cruz Uceda suffered a severe ankle sprain a couple weeks back. Larranaga praised Uceda, saying he's a "dilligent worker," and hopes that he'll be back when the team travels to Uceda's home city, Madrid, Spain, on August 12th.

-6'8" Forward Omar Sherman hit four straight 3-pointers during Tuesday's scrimmage. Coach L says that if that shot is consistent during regular season play, it will open the court up immensely.