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Happy 4th of July from SOTU

Here's wishing a festive and safe Independence Day to the entire UM Community.

Mike Ehrmann

As we gather today with friends and family and enjoy fireworks, food, and perhaps some adult beverages, we should all take a moment to reflect on what a wonderful country we live in.

We celebrate July 4 to reaffirm our commitment to freedom, liberty, and of course freedom of choice.

Even if you choose to root for those teams from Tallahassee or dare I say Gainesville and/or Columbus.

In fact if we did not live in such a great country it would not be possible for us to pour so much into the sports and rivalries that we are so passionate about.

Could an institution as awkward and inconsistent as the NCAA with out the freedoms of  the United States?  An event as altogether crazy and surprising as National Signing Day?

(I realize these aren't all good arguments and I am getting slightly off topic)

Okay, enough of the patriotic and philosphical rant.

We at State of the U sincerely wish all of our readers a fun and safe holiday.

Back to sticking to what we do best,  covering the 'Canes.

After all, the real fireworks begin on September 1st.

Happy 4th of July everyone!