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Hurricanes Football: Day 7 Practice Notes

Two-a-days are back. Duke Johnson speaks about Joe Yearby. Ray Lewis III reveals how he changed his game.

Two-a-days are back! The first practice of the day brought with it some frustration out of the coaches.


Near the beginning of practice, graduate assistant Kareem Brown got upset with Michael Wyche. Here's why.

1) Wyche and D-Line

Wyche's effort on the football sled wasn't his best. At 6'4" 330 lbs. to push the sled up two to three inches is disappointing to see. Wyche was told to get water, perhaps the heat was taking a tole on the big man

If you compare, Calvin Heurtelou clearly elevates the sled about a foot high along with freshman Anthony Moten. Miami summers may get to the heads of some.


Excitement spread around the practice field as the words "Oklahoma Drill! Oklahoma Drill!" were yelled into the megaphone.

Tyre Brady, who was manhandled during Saturday's Oklahoma drill performed much better on Monday. He never let the new safety, Dallas Crawford, get to the running back.

Freshman DB Kiy Hester was also a standout. His relelntless nature made him go 3 for 3 on the drill in tackling the runner.

2) Kiy Hester Oklahoma Drill


During practice, Joe Yearby walked off to the sidelines with a trainer. The freshman had an ice pack taped to his left ankle. When asked about Yearby, Duke Johnson had this to say about him.

3) Johnson on Yearby

Yearby is coming off of a December 2013 injury where he broke his left fibula.


On the QB battle, I asked Duke Johnson what the biggest difference between Jake Heaps and Brad Kaaya was.

"I'll have to say, Jake is a more mature guy. He's re-encouraging, it's very easy for him, it comes natural. Brad has more difficulty looking at different coverages. Coming from high school to college it's hard, safety's rotate differently, he just has to adjust to it."

Brad Kaaya and Jake Heaps both seem to be having good days so far. Heaps, unfortunately, had one blunder during 11-on-11's, throwing an interception to Thurston Armbrister, who was running with the 1's today.

After practice, Clive Walford, who's been having a great day so far, talked to Heaps about the play

"Just throw it away, man."

Heaps and Walford worked out a little post practice.

4) Walford and Heaps

Brad Kaaya and Phillip Dorsett seem to have a similiar relationship. Like Coach Coley, Duke Johnson also believes that Brad Kaaya is not a freshman with how well he handles himself on and off the field.

"I don't know if he's a freshman, he's really mature"


- Ladarius Gunter recently praised Ray Lewis III on playing smarter. I asked Lewis about it, and this is what he had to say.

5) Ray Lewis III on playing smarter.

- Jon Feliciano and Kc McDermott were in red non-contact jerseys, showing injury.

- Raphael Akpejiori is doing everything possible to improve his game. Once again, after practice, Akpejiori worked with the ball machine.

6) Akpejiori and ball machine