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Miami Football Fall Camp 8/15 What to Watch/Stream

The 'Canes are back at it on Friday. Some key players (hopefully) return to practice.

First and foremost a few quick injury updates from this morning:

Ale and Mike should have more on all three players later in the day.

On a happier note,  the practice certainly appears to be intense:

This is a move that personally shocks me.   It will be interesting to see how it develops:

Yesterday Al Golden sat down with the Miami herald.  Definitely worth a read/listen.  He talks about a variety of subjects:

Wondering why Michael Wyche was not listed on the depth chart?

There's a ton going on this morning so be sure to  keep an eye on the stream below for plenty of updates from the best and brightest media members covering the 'Canes:

And check back in at SOTU later today for updates from all of the goings on in Coral Gables.